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Illegal FBI Targeting of Black Activists — Political Film Blog

How Ironic That This Fool (Giambrone) Would Say This: Regarding FBI SURVEILLANCE OF BLACK ACTIVISTS   The more things change… (…the more they remain the same). That’s essentially what I said to him on this post. nomad says: September 20, 2017 at 12:59 pm things have changed, but not racism. He jumped down my throat and […]

The Mastodon in the Room — Another Day in the Empire

During my morning news surfing today I read a post on Target Liberty about Gab and Mastodon. via The Mastodon in the Room — Another Day in the Empire

How many more of these paid black bloggers are there?

Abagond? Chauncey de Vega? I don’t know. But their lack of scruples makes me wonder. Black Blogger Revealed as Paid Corporate Hack Yvette Carnell As founder of BreakingBrown, I’ve said on several occasions that many of the people in the black blogosphere and Twitterverse are paid provocateurs instead [of] writers with a vested interest in […]

Liberal racists

Continuing my conversation with Jerk Giambrone. Publishing it here because of the Jerk’s selective censorship, publishing some comments but censoring others thus distorting the exchange. nomadsays: April 26, 2018 at 3:51 pm Banned from Jerk Giambrone’s blog, I responded to his claim that white privilege is a fiction at his latest post at Washington’s Blog. […]

March to war

March was an interesting month. Right after introducing the subject of cognitive subversion of the black community in February I was immediately presented with a spectacular example of it in the Black Panther movie. That is where most of my attention has been. I’ve done several posts on the Wakandans and I am still not […]

Abagond lies

It’s easy to criticize me when I am not around to defend myself. You Abagond sheep should come here and tell me to my face that I’m batshit crazy. I doubt that you will because obviously it would not go so well for you on my home turf. But the invitation stands. Here is another […]

Brown skinned divas -(continuously updated until February)

Abagond has been a great inspiration to me. His audacious blog premise -500 words a day on whatever I want- has given me something to shoot for. It’s my New Year’s resolution. Not to write 500 words, but to write each day; rather than, as has become my habit, to merely read. To write what […]