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Democratic Fascists

Democratic Fascists Prepare to Drop the Hammer Glen Ford Democrats are determined to snuff out freedom of speech and assembly to protect the corporate ruling order – while pretending it’s to safeguard Black people. The U.S. corporate ruling class finally has its “Reichstag fire” to justify suspension of constitutional liberties under cover of “national emergency.” […]

America’s Longest Running Soap Opera: “The Black and the Powerless”

You Can’t Shame the Shameless Black Misleadership Class Glen Ford The Black misleaders have been busy selling out Black people for half a century, but are still only barely tolerated by the rich man’s Democratic Party and its racist figurehead, Joe Biden. “The Black misleaders have no bite and have not even dared to bark in the […]

Susan Rice: The worst possible image of Black America

Black Misleaders Back Susan Rice as Top Diplomat Glen Ford Susan Rice with her great “friend,” the late Ethiopian warlord Meles Zenawi Genocide in Congo and militarization of the African continent are Susan Rice’s specialties, but Black Democrats see her as a “role model.” No one in high levels of U.S. government has been more intimately […]

Black lives matter less than Black faces in high Democratic places (like Kamala Harris, AKA Obama 2.0)

The Billionaires’ Duopoly Wins on Tuesday Glen Ford […] The Black Lives Matter movement has not altered the anti-Black, pro-police, pro-mass Black incarceration political behavior of the men and women that represent Black America in Congress, because BLM has failed to target Black Democratic politicians, even when they act en mass against Black interests. Black lives […]

Beware the Movement’s “Controlled Opposition” — Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Radio with Margaret Kimberley and Glen Ford 12 Oct 2020 Beware the Movement’s “Controlled Opposition” Authors Black Agenda Radio with Margaret Kimberley and Glen Ford glen Mon, 10/12/2020 – 22:33 Margaret Kimberley · Beware the Movement’s “Controlled Opposition” Shannon Jones, of Bronxites for NYPD Accountability, who was among 250 people arrested at a […]

(More) Sympathy for a man of wealth and taste

Freedom Rider: Liberal Sympathy for Trump Margaret Kimberley […] Everyone reveals their true self in a time of turmoil. A crisis forces exposure which can no longer be kept hidden. The revelation that Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 certainly proves this point. The phony resistance immediately showed that their opposition to Trump is no […]

In the Midst of a Police Brutality Epidemic, Tone Deaf Dems Nominate Queen of Police State for VP — The Free Thought Project

The Left just nominated a ruthless and corrupt career politician, Kamala Harris, who has jettison her political aspirations forward by bolstering the police state. via In the Midst of a Police Brutality Epidemic, Tone Deaf Dems Nominate Queen of Police State for VP — The Free Thought Project

Political Prisoners: “Say Their Names”

Political Prisoners: “Say Their Names” Glen Ford Unless folks are under the delusion that victory over the “fascists” is imminent, the condition of political prisoners should be a deeply personal, as well as political, concern to all activists. “Movement activists of today will inevitably become the political prisoners of tomorrow.” It has become a righteous […]

The Black Caucus and the Dictatorship of (White) Capital

Glen Ford […] “The Dictatorship of (White) Capital prevails on every issue.” Black Americans are historically the most peace-minded major U.S. political constituency, yet this is seldom reflected in the voting behavior of Black Democratic legislators, who apparently answer to a Higher Power (White Capital). Of the 48 full voting House members of the Congressional Black […]

Eulogizing Pro-War, Pro-Corporate Predator, Pro-Apartheid Israel John Lewis — Stephen Lendman

Eulogizing Pro-War, Pro-Corporate Predation, Pro-Apartheid Israel John Lewis by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) From January 1987 to his July 17 death, Rep. John Lewis represented Georgia’s 5th congressional district. In response to his passing, establishment media heaped lavish praise on a figure demanding condemnation. More on his eulogizing below. […] Lewis […]