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The Super Rich: A Nation unto Themselves

 ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH Globalization of capital and interdependence of world markets has reached a point where large scale military clashes of the magnitude of World Wars I & II could lead to financial catastrophe for all. Not surprisingly, the network of transnational financial elites, who often elect politicians and run governments from behind the scenes, seem […]

QOTD: Get a handle on economic inequality, or else

As Herbert Stein, Richard Nixon’s chief economic adviser, famously said, a trend will only continue as long as it can. We will either, through peaceful, rational means, go back to a system that does not take from the many to give to the few in all these subtle ways, or we will end up like 18th […]

The Five Classes of Power Elites

America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy by Charles Hugh Smith  is an interesting analysis of class in America. While I am not quite convinced about his break down of the middle and lower classes, his class divisions of the upper tier could be quite useful in understanding of the nature of the  power elite that run this nation. […]


Why Inequality Started Soaring in 1971  by WashingtonsBlog Going Off the Gold Standard Encouraged a Financialized Economy … Which Caused Inequality to Soar The New York Sun notes that inequality started soaring in 1971 … the same year that Nixon took the U.S. off of the gold standard.  The Sun shows the following chart from Thomas Piketty’s new […]


  Robert Reich   

The Heartbreak of Obamaphelia: a Short History and Diagnostic Guide

by PAUL STREET Obamaphelia, “the Obama disease:”  a delusional belief that Barack Obama is a progressive, peace- and justice-oriented, liberal and even left politician and policymaker.  The belief is maintained despite abundant evidence to the contrary dating to and preceding the national unveiling of the “the Obama phenomenon” in the summer of 2004.[1] The disorder’s prevalence […]

The Story So Far

America Under the Management Cult by SAM SMITH Save for residual rhetoric, at the beginning of 2014 the United States lies further from its intended course than at any time during its history. Never has it had an elite so powerful yet so removed from its purported purposes, one more loyal to multinational corporations than […]