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Thanksgiving Reflections on the Cruel Hegemon — Strategic Culture Foundation

Stephen KARGANOVIC President of the Srebrenica Historical Project Russian literature fans will recall a moving spectacle from Dostoevsky’s novel “The House of the Dead”. As political prisoners are marched off under guard to Siberia, village folk are handing them food and other provisions that they will need on their long journey. The poor villagers are probably […]

Reality on Thanksgiving Weekend — Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) America’s privileged class never had things better throughout the year.  The vast majority of ordinary people struggle to get by, a few lost paychecks from homelessness, hunger and despair. The world’s richest country exploits them so wealth, power and privilege can benefit. According to Hunger & Homelessness Awareness […]

Trump’s Latest Handout to His Rich Buddies Is Truly Unbelievable — Truthdig RSS

Breaking news: Donald Trump inadvertently said something true! He recently exulted that his special tax incentives to spur investment in poverty projects have gone “beyond anything that anybody… even thought.” So true! His “Opportunity Zone” tax breaks are financing such “anti-poverty” projects as a “superyacht marina” on the toney waterfront of West Palm Beach, Florida.… via […]


MississippiAtlanta is the city with the greatest income disparity in the USA.22.4 percent of the population of Atlanta live below the poverty line.A 2017 report found that the richest 1% of people in the world control 82% of the total wealth.Heather Boushey, in her book Unbound: How Inequality Constricts Our Economy, points out that- Inequality […]

Who is the world’s richest country?

Inequality Is Like a Tax on Two-Thirds of Your Income — Truthdig RSS by Sam Pizzigati / OtherWords Who is the world’s richest country? That may seem like a simple question, but it’s not. According to the Global Wealth Report from banking giant Credit Suisse, it all depends on how we define “richest.” If we mean the nation […]

The revolution will not be subsidized Nobody Gets Liberated Until the Defeat of the Plutocrats Glen Ford […] Late stage capitalism is eating US society alive, dissolving all bonds between peoples and savaging every human right that has not already been put on the “market” and made buyable. The rule of the super-rich makes all the rest of us super-small. […]

The Scale of What We’re Up Against — O Society

A giant amount of money is spent trying to convince you to disbelieve obvious truths… by Nathan Robinson edited by O Society September 7, 2019 It can be exhausting to realize just how much money is being spent trying to make the world a worse place to live in. The Koch Brothers are often mentioned as bogeymen, and invoking […]