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The Scale of What We’re Up Against — O Society

A giant amount of money is spent trying to convince you to disbelieve obvious truths… by Nathan Robinson edited by O Society September 7, 2019 It can be exhausting to realize just how much money is being spent trying to make the world a worse place to live in. The Koch Brothers are often mentioned as bogeymen, and invoking […]


…Billionaires tend to make their money from things such as PROPERTY and FINANCE, rather than from the production of things that are useful.Sheldon Adelson, worth £27 billion, makes his money from casinos.Bernard Arnault of France, worth £53 billion, makes his money from luxury goods.Robert, Budi and Michael Hartono, of Indonesia, worth £29 billion, make their… via […]

Five minutes of truth that didn’t make it to TV — Brasscheck TV

But someone recorded it Meet Rutger Bregman A refreshing five minutes of truth on TV…that didn’t make it to TV. But someone recorded it. The guest is Rutger Bregman, a historian from the Netherlands. Why is Tucker Carlson still on the air? Here’s the last time he was taken off the air… Click here to support… […]

Third world America

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Los Angeles has been officially designated a ‘third world country’ status according to a public audit of the crumbling city. Rubbish bags piling up on the pavements, tents erected in clusters where people have camped down for the night, and hundreds of homeless people wondering the streets – this is… via […]

Great moments from the Obama administration: number 1

The First Betrayal PAUL STREET – Three months into Obama’s presidency, popular rage at Wall Street was intense and the leading financial institutions were weak and on the defensive. The nation’s financial elite had driven the nation and world’s economy into an epic meltdown in the period since Silverstein’s essay was published – and millions […]

The Super Rich: A Nation unto Themselves

 ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH Globalization of capital and interdependence of world markets has reached a point where large scale military clashes of the magnitude of World Wars I & II could lead to financial catastrophe for all. Not surprisingly, the network of transnational financial elites, who often elect politicians and run governments from behind the scenes, seem […]

QOTD: Get a handle on economic inequality, or else

As Herbert Stein, Richard Nixon’s chief economic adviser, famously said, a trend will only continue as long as it can. We will either, through peaceful, rational means, go back to a system that does not take from the many to give to the few in all these subtle ways, or we will end up like 18th […]