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Cynthia McKinney Red Pill Expo 2018 and what’s in the Envelopes?

45,000 sealed federal criminal indictments is victory for ‘We the People’ if, and only if, followed by .01% arrests and FULL TRUTH as explained by Congressperson McKinney’s 15-minute brief Advertisements

How To Identify The People Who Truly Do NOT Get It

by Chuck Baldwin Published: Thursday, October 25, 2018 Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column After many, many years in the “patriot” movement, it is my studied opinion that most of the so-called patriots who claim to “get it” really don’t. Ditto for most of the “patriot” radio talk show hosts, columnists and […]

QOTD: Facebook, Google and the Deep State

Google has rigged its algorithms to hide blacklisted sites during web searches, resulting in decreased visitation of up to 75 percent. They are strangling the Left, including Black Agenda Report. Facebook has signed on to the new Cold War, under the ruse of protecting U.S. elections from Russian interference. “We’re excited to launch a new […]


Trump in Israel.”Trump appointed more Deep State CFR members and Bilderbergers (including Neil Gorsuch, James Mattis, John Bolton, et al.) to his administration than Barack Obama.”He Blew It! – Chuck Baldwin”Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a Deep State toady who is up to his neck in covering up the government’s murder of former… via […]

Barack Obama’s return just reminds us how he fueled the distrust that led to Donald Trump

Who cares if Obama belatedly cheers for transparency and accountability? He should admit that he made the government more dangerous at home and abroad. James Bovard (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)   Former president Barack Obama is back. He kicked off a series of campaign appearances last week with a blistering attack on the Trump administration and said […]

The diabolical anti-Trump cabal

Watergate Redux by Stephen Lendman […] What goes around comes around. Long knives in Washington are active again, overwhelmingly supported by undemocratic Dems, notably Hillary loyalists, some Republicans, and media scoundrels, wanting Trump removed from office for the wrong reasons. He’s no Richard Nixon or Jack Kennedy, little about him praiseworthy. He’s not targeted for […]

If an investigative journalist looked into Facebook, Twitter, and Google, links to the CIA and deep state would be found

Paul Craig Roberts Facebook Is An Intolerant Authoritarian Organization That Suppresses Free Speech September 1, 2018 Facebook Is An Intolerant Authoritarian Organization That Suppresses Free Speech Facebook, Twitter, Google are information monopolies that intentionally violate the US Constitution’s protected First Amendment right. These organizations are evil and they are destroying the public’s right to know. […]