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Spygate Explained

Is Trump Battling The Deep State? (I’m going to say no) Advertisements

How Democracy Ended — Washington’s Blog

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at What killed democracy was constant lying to the public, by politicians whose only way to win national public office has been to represent the interests of the super-rich at the same time as publicly promising to represent the interests of the public — “and may the better liar win!”… via […]

Making Excuses for Russiagate — Consortiumnews

As months turn into nearly two years and no solid evidence emerges to nail Russia for nabbing Election 2016, some big Russia-gate cheerleaders are starting to cover their tracks, as Daniel Lazare explains. By Daniel Lazare The best evidence that…Read more → via Making Excuses for Russiagate — Consortiumnews

Obama knew about the coup: (he ought to, he masterminded it)

Well, I don’t really know if he knew but it’s clear that he wanted to know and one must assume that if the president wanted to know it it would be made known to him, therefore it is almost certain (99%) that he knew. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and […]

White hat CIA Analyst On Deep State, Russiagate & the War Machine

Apparently there are some good CIA agents. Not good CIA agents but CIA agents that are good. God bless’em. We need’em. John  Kiriakou was recruited by his college professor who was a secret CIA agent!?! Makes me wonder how many of my college professors were secretly CIA. The CIA! They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere!

Barack’s forged birth certificate

Why? Because he was a CIA construct and the Deep State wants to hide this fact Why worry about the CIA control of Congress when they have controlled the presidency for at least three decades.?

Welcome to the psychopathocracy