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Superduper Tanker

A third day or so of 100 degree temperatures. Yesterday was the worst so far because of the higher nighttime lows. No real relief. And this. This is such a strange thing to be hidden in plain sight. Day after day, the same thing. No chemtrails, no direct evidence of spraying, and yet the sky […]

Wanna Know How to Fight the PTB?

Hit the Matrix Where It Hurts (Zen Gardner) Motivation comes in all forms, but we must behave smartly. We need to hit where it hurts the matrix the most. Some ideas: #1. Inform. True information clears the deck. It neutralizes the effects of the enemy’s propaganda. That has to be done first. #2. Live in […]

Pale Sky

Glad to have a name for the the kind of clouds I’ve earlier described as “scaly” and “ionized”. Chemtrails of conductive aerosols can exhibit the appearance of thumbprint clouds under the influence of an electromagnetic field like the ionospheric heater at HAARP. I like “ionized”, because these clouds do give the impression of being electrically charged, but […]

Chemtrails as Toxic Electric Clouds of Aluminum and Barium

 Print  PDF Chemtrails as Toxic Electric Clouds of Aluminum and Barium Harold Saive Gainesville Conspiracy Examiner GeoEngineering Watch This video discusses the consequences of increasing the conductivity of our breathable atmosphere with the covert deployment of toxic aerosols containing Aluminum and Barium One visible feature of this aerosol deployment is the appearance of artificial “thumbprint” cloud formations […]

Deja vu all over again

Well, you know. Deja vu all over again. Clear skies. But they are near white. When was the last time I saw an actual chemtrail? It’s been about five days since I’ve seen any significant chemtrail activity. And these days my observations have not been obscured by cloud clover. 2:00 PM.

Oh the ebb and flow of chemtrail volume.

Again, no obvious signs of chemtrails. I don’t know where the pale morning skies come from. I assume overnight spraying. It must have been a light dousing last night. The sky is pale, but not near white like it was yesterday. Oh the ebb and flow of chemtrail volume. 10:00 AM.

Pale blue skies.

Very pale this morning (7:30); not quite as pale at 10:30. Sun bright. And hot.

We are living in a perpetual aerosol bubble. +100 degrees

Morning sky haze. Pale blue. Out walking this morning (around 7:30). Again the thin veil is evenly spread. I only saw one high flying dot leaving a short lived trail. Though, for this reason, it might be deemed a natural contrail. I don’t think so. I am of the opinion that in an already saturated sky […]

The sky is evenly bleached

There are no signs of chemtrails this morning, except (and this is a big exception) for the pale blue sky.  This time there are no accumulated wisps of white here and there, as I normally see on these hazy filtered sunlight mornings. The sky is evenly bleached all over. 8:00 AM.

Well, it’s a bit monotonous.

But if they keep doing it enough we’ll get used to it. What am I saying. The vast majority already have. Morning haze with wisps accumulating here and there. It’s hard to watch the sky to any great extent when you’re out and about. Strangers think you’re lingering to make contact with them. Or people […]