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Cloud Cover Documentary – Part 1

A philanthropic edit of the original documentary “Aerosol Crimes” by Clifford E  Carnicom. Visit the Carnicom Institute at via:

Definite evidence of chemtrails today

Definite evidence of chemtrails today. The sky is glazed with “contrail cirrus” and spreading linear streaks. 1:30 PM.

What, Seventeen Spy Agencies Weren’t Enough? How many intelligence agencies does one nation need? According to the US, lots. There’s a new kid on the block: The Pentagon is creating a new intelligence agency that will focus on Iran and China as it begins to pivot away from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, the New York Times reported. The newspaper […]

A Paler Shade of Blue

Oh they’ve been stealthy with it lately. I have seen hardly any chemtrails in the past several days; just secondary evidence: “contrail cirrus” clouds, cumulus clouds with frayed edges and pale, pale skies. I did see one possible chemtrail yesterday, a high flying dot leaving a  trail that faded within seconds into the pale blue mist of its […]

Not a Chemtrail Sighted

I was watching the sky most of the day…well, you know, checking periodically…and I saw not a single chemtrail. That is quite rare.  And yet, I can’t say this was a chemtrail-free day. The clouds on this mostly cloudy day, the cumulus clouds,  had frayed edges. To me, that suggests ambient aerosols, likely lingering from […]

Most Chemtrail Pilots Are Naive

Cocaine Discovered in Egyptian Mummies

by Evan V. Symon  Getty When Columbus and his buddies made it to the New World, aka not India, they found more than just future smallpox sufferers waiting for them. There was a whole cornucopia of never-before-seen plants and animals growing in the Americas, not to mention new and interesting ways to use beads. So while […]


Haven’t been out much the past couple of days. Didn’t see any chemtrails. This morning I see a layer of chemtrail cirrus clouds laid, apparently in advance of an approaching  rain system.

Clearing this evening

Overcast this morning. Clearing this evening, leaving behind thin swirling  cloud formations and smokey textured haze. Update: I am now calling such clouds “chemtrail cirrus”.

Overcast today

Rain overnight. Overcast today with the sun trying to break through.