March to war

March was an interesting month. Right after introducing the subject of cognitive subversion of the black community in February I was immediately presented with a spectacular example of it in the Black Panther movie. That is where most of my attention has been. I’ve done several posts on the Wakandans and I am still not done with the subject.

Needless to say I did not get a chance to follow up the skin color discussion begun in Neo-Black History month. So I am extending  Neo-Black History Month yet again. That is to say, I will continue this month with the topics started in February. Skin color and cognitive subversion.

The other thing that preoccupied me in March, not that I wrote about it, was the alarming moves made by our leaders towards World War III, with the massive expelling of  Russian diplomats; all the more shocking because the allegations upon which the drive to war is based are tissue paper thin and devoid of corroborating evidence. I am simply shocked at such reckless behavior at such high levels of government. The behavior of Theresa May, Trump and NATO is embarrassingly puerile. These fools expect to march us over the cliff with this transparent psy-op. Don’t follow.


  1. Afrofem · · Reply

    Living during these times is like being a character in a live action version of 1984. All of Orwell’s elements are present:

    Supernational blocks like Oceana and East Asia

    Invasive surveillance

    24/7 propaganda, including Two Minutes Of Hate

    Cameras and microphones in forests and other outdoor areas

    Endless war

    Glorification of “the lottery” as a means of getting ahead for the masses

    All that seems to be missing is Big Brother….

    1. Absolutely. Yeah. What we have is a proxy for Big Brother in the president. Big Brother = the cabal known as Deep State. He does whatever Big Brother tells him. In the Obama years I used to like to say “Big Brother is a brother.

  2. Afrofem · · Reply

    @ nomad

    The Deep State = Big Brother. That is very discerning. With that set-up, they can just switch the figureheads around every 4 to 8 years and few people are the wiser.

    1. Yes. And remember the surveillance state began under Obama. Or emerged under Obama with the Snowden revelations. Remember how incensed Obama was about Snowden? Even forced a (Venezuelan?) diplomatic plane to land to search for him. Big Brother was a brother.

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