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Ken O’Keefe – “Why aren’t we allowed to talk about the Jews” — Aangirfan

via Ken O’Keefe – “Why aren’t we allowed to talk about the Jews” — Aangirfan Advertisements

Norman Finkelstein Explains the Extraordinary Evil That Is Israel —

Norman Finkelstein Explains the Extraordinary Evil That Is Israel Finkelstein is a brilliant scholar whose moral conscience is unacceptable to the Israel Lobby, which has prevented his academic employment. No university has the courage to hire an outstanding scholar who is disapproved by the Israel Lobby, not even the Catholic university whose cowardly or corrupt… via […]

QOTD: Trump is totally owned by Israel

“You build a house. They destroy it. You raise a child. They kill him.” Chris Hedges, America’s Last Real Journalist, a profession now owned by propagandists hired by interest groups to tell their lies, gives us reason to think—Are Israelis God’s Chosen People or Satan’s Genocidal Racist Psychopaths? […] Trump is totally owned by Israel: […]

457 / 556 important figures in 1919 Soviet Government were… — The Tap Blog

Have you ever read about the Red Terror? It included such dreadful detail I found myself skipping over paragraphs. Is it illegal or hate crime or a Semolinaic offense to retell this? Yes, I use Semolina in case I am called you know what. I have a Jewish uncle who gave great advise: don’t be… via […]

QOTD: The most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history

The world is being driven to war, which would be nuclear, by a tiny minority: Israeli Zionists, neoconservatives, and the US military/security complex. We are witnessing the most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history. Where are the voices against it? The post What Secretary of State Tillerson’s Firing Means appeared first on


There is a belief that many of the top spies, whether in the CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD or the KGB, work for a secretive cabal.Rothschild ‘spied as the Fifth Man’ | The Independent .David Floyd.In the UK, Sir Christopher Floyd, styled The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Floyd, is a Lord Justice of Appeal.He is the… via […]

Zionism in America –Seven Strikes & Counting… Robert David Steele

Zionists rule in the USA is being challenged openly now.[2] There is a fury sweeping across the USA against the Zionists, neutralizing what was once a formidable lobbying force – so formidable it could reasonably be described as an “occupation Army” camped in Washington DC and controlling the banks of New York City as well as […]