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The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America — Global Research

In response to annual US reports on human rights in China, Beijing issues its own on the deplorable state of human rights in America. It’s latest report made the following introductory remarks, saying: As in previous years, the latest US … The post The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America appeared first on Global… via […]

Race, Repression and Russiagate: Defending Radical Black Self-Determination

Race, Repression and Russiagate: Defending Radical Black Self-Determination Ajamu Baraka [It] is not Russians shooting down our people in the streets “Once again, Black opposition is being cast as somehow foreign influenced and, therefore, a security threat that justifies special targeted repression.” It is absurd and an insult to argue that Russian propaganda efforts “deepen […]

Get Well, Michael Moore

by DavidSwanson Your new movie, Where to Invade Next, is very powerful, your best so far for certain. Get well. Fast. We need you. You’ve packed a great many issues into this film, with visuals, with personalities, with entertainment. If people will watch this, they’ll learn what many of us have struggled to tell them […]

Obama and the preservation of the incarceration nation

Glen Ford What the Obama administration is demonstrating…is that the rulers of the United States have no intention of dismantling the permanent Black counter-insurgency regime – the New Jim Crow, as Michelle Alexander calls it – that was instituted two generations ago in response to the Black liberation movement of the Sixties. Obama’s Task Force, […]

UN Torture Investigation Singles Out, Describes USA

 by Robert Barsocchini NBC reports that “The United Nations Committee Against Torture released a report Friday that deeply criticized the U.S.” Patrick Martin summaries: The … report today assess[ed] the performance of the 156 countries whose governments have ratified the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which took effect two decades […]

Arrested Legal Observer: Ferguson a ‘Pilot Program’ for When Communities Respond to Police Brutality

By: Kevin Gosztola The National Lawyers Guild had legal observers on the ground in Ferguson to monitor protests against the killing of unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. They were also present to help with jail support for community residents. But, while working, four of the NLG’s observers fell […]

From Russia with Love

Ferguson protest in Moscow Undernews Russian students at the US Embassy in Moscow