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QOTD: Margaret Atwood on #MeToo

Margaret Atwood faces feminist backlash on social media over #MeToo She raised the possibility that the answer could leave women divided. “In times of extremes, extremists win. Their ideology becomes a religion, anyone who doesn’t puppet their views is seen as an apostate, a heretic or a traitor, and moderates in the middle are annihilated.” […]

Oh, give it a rest

Daily Kos is really Deep State , isn’t it? I’m not for Trump but I am definitely against illegal take overs of our government. Oh, we could only hope that 2018 ends up like this. Have a Happy New Year! via Cartoon: I wish us a Happy 2018 — Comics

Those Magical, Fantastical, amazing, incredible, dumbfounding, stunning, fabulous, marvelous, prodigious, phenomenal, extraordinary, astounding Russians vs. U.S. Empire

Those Magical, Fantastical Russians vs. U.S. Empire by Glen Ford “This induced ‘state of emergency’ is designed to prepare the American public, politically and psychologically, to maintain the momentum of the U.S. imperial offensive in the world.” The only people that can make Russiagate fade away are the ones that invented it in the first […]

Hmmmm….”1984″ begins around 1984: Reagan unleashes psyops on the American people

The Legacy of Reagan’s Civilian ‘Psyops’  Special Report: When the Reagan administration launched peacetime “psyops” in the mid-1980s, it pulled in civilian agencies to help spread these still-ongoing techniques of deception and manipulation, reports Robert Parry. By Robert Parry Declassified records from the Reagan presidential library show how the U.S. government enlisted civilian agencies in […]

Jackson Pollock: CIA Artist

5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For the CIA by James Corbett Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed When you think of a CIA agent, you probably think of the Hollywood stereotypes: a tall, athletic man in a black suit with dark sunglasses, walking around with one hand on his gun and the other on his ear […]

DEEP STATE REGIME CHANGE OPERATION EXPOSED (Video) — Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond

via DEEP STATE REGIME CHANGE OPERATION EXPOSED (Video) — Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond

Crisis actor soliciting work

  The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks aangirfan: CRIMINAL MOSLEMS WORKING FOR THE ZIONISTS……/… 18 Sep 2012 – LONDON BOMBINGS CARRIED OUT BY THE SPOOKS? The security… Hasina was pregnant at the time of the London attacks. In July 2004 … aangirfan: AL-QAEDA IN MANCHESTER AND LONDON…/al-qaeda-in-manchester-and-london.html 18 Aug 2012 – aangirfan: FALSE FLAG LONDON RIOTS? aangirfan: LONDON BOMBS – REMEMBER […]