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Labor Day: Art From the Great Depression — WhoWhatWhy

Reading Time: 5 minutes(Published originally 9/1/2014) Here, in honor of Labor Day, is a collection of paintings and prints from the Great Depression. Images from the gorgeous to the grim, all fascinating. The Depression was characterized by unemployment, homelessness, hunger, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, dust, drought, and inequality in the distribution of wealth. And the infrastructure… via […]

Living portraits

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Sickening art of the elite psychopath

SICK “Art” of the Illuminati Elite

The Neo-Black National Monument

February was an interesting month. This year.  Most years I barely acknowledge Black History Month, but when I do I celebrate it as Neo-Black History Month. Because of the neoliberalism that has overtaken this generation –the neoliberal subversion of black America. They do it through the art. They do it with the movies and TV. […]

Obama’s portrait: Made in China?

Neo-Black art

Oh, man! The social conservatives are having a field day with the unveiling of the official Obama portraits.   [go here and click on the image for an enlargement. not sure why that feature doesn’t work here]  Here’s a good one: It’s rather odd. It was thoughtful of Obama to use a black […]

Assassins of the Image: the CIA as Cultural Gatekeeper

Assassins of the Image: the CIA as Cultural Gatekeeper by MARTIN BILLHEIMER “There was a conversion of cultures between the milieu of the underworld and the world of the clandestine operative.” – Alfred McCoy “I would like to say to those who think of my pictures as serene… that I have imprisoned the most utter violence […]