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Purple Skies – Destructive Storm | Large Hail-Powerful Winds destroy 1000’s of homes

Purple Sky Purple Sky

At least 4 dead after Mexico hit by apocalyptic hailstorm

by The Extinction Protocol September 2015 – MEXICO – Authorities in Mexico State said Monday that at least four victims were killed when an unusually strong hailstorm hit the capital suburb. A 45-day baby and two homeless people were amongst the victims of Sunday night’s storm, state government said in a press release. Gov. Eruviel […]

Visualized: How the insane amount of rain in Texas could turn Rhode Island into a lake

It’s hard to overstate the magnitude of the flooding that’s hit Texas recently. The Memorial Day weekend of heavy rain has capped off a month where some areas of the state have seen more than 20 inches of rain fall. More rain is in the forecast. It’s difficult to comprehend the ridiculous amounts of water that have […]

Blizzard 2015 Analysis – Juno

Winter storm “Juno”

Engineered Winter Storm Assault, The Weather Makers Are Desperate For Headlines Dane Wigington Winter storm “Juno” is here, and it is engineered from top to bottom. The weather event that is unfolding on the East Coast of the US is a completely manipulated monstrosity. The total desperation of the power structure and the climate […]

Bizarre Weather: 2014

Something Very Strange is Going on! Jason A Published on 29 Jul 2014 strange weather world end time events siberia hole storm july 2014