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9/11: Facts, Fiction and Censorship — Global Research

By Julie Lévesque The commemoration of 9/11 on September 11, 2019 is fast approaching. The following text (including a selection of articles) was first posted seven years ago on September 12, 2012. *** Whoever dares raise questions about the official 9/11 narrative, will be excluded from both the mainstream and  “progressive” media, dismissed as a mentally […]

The CIA and Climate Control

1960 Memorandum for Climate Control by CIA… — SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary The Need For A Climate Control Study Program – November 1960 – CIA As Noted . CONFIDENTIAL . Declassified in Part – Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/06: CIA-RDP78-03425A002100020014-2 . THE NEED FOR A CLIMATE CONTROL STUDY PROGRAM . 1. Introduction […]

CHEETO CHRIST STUPID-CZAR – Randy Rainbow Song Parody

“The Chosen One”  

Old Man Trump ~ Woody Guthrie — O Society

Woody Guthrie of This Land Is Your Land fame wrote a song about Donald Trump’s racist father, Fred, who was Guthrie’s slum lord in NY at the time. Wanna hear it? Here it is by O Society Old Man Trump/ Ain’t My Home by Woody Guthrie […] Old Man Trump/ Ain’t My Home by Woody Guthrie […]

400 Years: Look How Long

The Significance of the “1619 Project” by JESSE JACKSON On Sunday, the New York Times unveiled “The 1619 Project,” a journalistic series in the Sunday magazine that seeks to tell the “unvarnished truth” about slavery and its impact on America’s history. In 1619, just 12 years after the founding of the first permanent English settlement in […]

Too Big To Fail (4): Spook Air to the Lolita Express  –O Society  

by Whitney Webb  […] In this four-part series, “The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail,” MintPress has revealed that Epstein’s activities — a sexual blackmail operation involving minors and connected to intelligence agencies — was one of many such operations that have taken place for decades, developing from the nexus forged between the CIA, organized crime and […]

The 400-Year-Old Wound Wrenching the Heart of America — Truthdig RSS

Four hundred years ago this month, the first enslaved people from Africa arrived in Virginia. Slavery is often reduced to a crime of America’s long-ago past. But enslaved labor created the backbone for America’s capitalistic economy, allowing it to grow into — and remain — the world’s leading economy today. Related Articles America Must Make… via […]

Psychopathocracy: Epstein and the World Wide Pedophile Club We Call Government

“Psychopathocracy” is a Nomad Coined Term Meaning Government by Psychopaths or Their Methods

Seeing Through a Geoengineered Reality — Waking Times

Rosanne Lindsay, ContributorWaking Times How much of the rhetoric that Russia, China, and the U.S. are bitter enemies, is true? Likely, not any of it. In fact, what if you learned that the U.S. is working with Russia and China on a project that would unite the world? THE INTERHEMISPHERIC NORTH AMERICA – EURASIA RAILROAD… via […]

Every Act a Ceremony — Waking Times

Charles Eisenstein, GuestWaking Times I met a woman a few weeks ago who works with a Kogi mama, or shaman, from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia. He came to California a few years ago and performed extensive ceremonies on a particular spot of land. He said, “You’d better do a ceremony here regularly, or there… via […]