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QOTD: How Stupid Do Democrat Congressional Candidates Think We Are? — Black Agenda Report

If eight years of Obama taught us anything, it’s that a black president can do immense damage to the cause of black working class families. via How Stupid Do Stacey Abrams, Lucy McBath, and Most Progressive Democrat Congressional Candidates Think We Are? — Black Agenda Report

Attacked by #Facebook — Political Film Blog

How’s that for irony? A victim of  the same process he practices: censoring POVs he disagrees with. I’m not gloating though. The creeping censorship is coming for us all. All who do not adhere to the authorized narrative, aka government and corporate propaganda. Be they left or be they right, the purge is in full […]

Note to white celebs: Blackface is not cool. Ever.

Some people find it acceptable. Funny. Etc. Like Megyn Kelly. Not me. I find it offensive. Even if it’s Robert Downy Jr.   Even if it’s Jimmy Fallon Even if it’s Jimmy Kimmel Or these guys  

The ‘official history’ about everything important are EASILY proven lies — Carl Herman

90-minute briefing, 60-minute roundtable: David Wilcock ‘2018 Contact in the Desert’ on ancient alien history. And yes, you should look given ‘official history’ about everything important are EASILY proven lies, AND there’s an evidentiary bridge — Carl Herman “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.” ~ Bob Marley, Redemption Song […]

How To Identify The People Who Truly Do NOT Get It

by Chuck Baldwin Published: Thursday, October 25, 2018 Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column After many, many years in the “patriot” movement, it is my studied opinion that most of the so-called patriots who claim to “get it” really don’t. Ditto for most of the “patriot” radio talk show hosts, columnists and […]

The Un-Blackening

The Great Un-Blackening: The Corporate Project to Erase Black People from Politics Glen Ford   Corporate rule imposes a duopoly system in which one party is overtly white supremacist and the other party refuses to tackle racial oppression – but both pursue austerity and war. “Class has been effectively suppressed, except as racialized euphemisms and […]

QOTD: Facebook, Google and the Deep State

Google has rigged its algorithms to hide blacklisted sites during web searches, resulting in decreased visitation of up to 75 percent. They are strangling the Left, including Black Agenda Report. Facebook has signed on to the new Cold War, under the ruse of protecting U.S. elections from Russian interference. “We’re excited to launch a new […]

Please Remember Not to Vote — OffGuardian

The Psychopathocracy: Not Just for White Guys Anymore What a picture. It’s us and it ain’t pretty. So, it’s three weeks before the US midterm elections, and it looks like we have got ourselves a horse race! That’s right, folks, once again, it’s time to start playing with those forecast maps on Real Clear Politics […]

Purple sky, purple sky

‘Very strange’: Mysterious bright purple sky sparks numerous conspiracy theories (VIDEO) Published time: 16 Oct, 2018 16:37 Get short URL FILE PHOTO. © Global Look Press/Fotoarena An Ohio motorist has filmed the night sky appearing to glow a magnificent electric purple over the city of Cleveland. The bizarre celestial light has left many struggling to […]

Iran – Heavy Rains Unprecedented Flooding — Aircrap Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity

Weather weapons, the perfect instrument, complete deniability. The downpour, that … The post Iran – Heavy Rains Unprecedented Flooding appeared first on Aircrap Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity . via Iran – Heavy Rains Unprecedented Flooding — Aircrap Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity