Abagond still trying to herd his people to official propaganda sites…

And away from RT, as per his apparent assignment of black mind control. Fortunately not many people are listening



His bias against RT America is puzzling, since they give the most accurate and positive reporting on black people of any other national news service. These so called media rating sites (Media Bias/Fact Check, RationalWiki, PolitiFact, Snopes –etc) are nothing more than extensions and validation of American propaganda, produced by Americans who themselves are steeped in MSM fake news and American government propaganda. I’ll be damned if I let my enemies dictate what I should and should not read.

Here is his evaluation of black media, under this agenda.

Some Black-oriented outlets with good fact checking:

  • Left:

    • The Root – “Solid evidence based reporting with a left wing bias in wording and political affiliation.”
    • TheGrio – “Covers a lot of entertainment news, but also does cover politics with a left wing bias and typically sources properly.”
  • Left centre:

    • Atlanta Black Star – rated as “left-center biased based on left leaning editorial positions and high for factual reporting based on strong sourcing.”
    • NewsOne – “has a moderate left wing bias in wording and story choices, but balance this with well sourced factual reporting.”
  • Centre:

    • Africa News – “Provides straightforward reporting of news with minimal bias and is very well sourced to credible information.”

To my mind the Root and Grio are “left centre”. No mention of the far more left and radical site, Black Agenda Report. That tells you all you need to know about Abagond’s orientation. For him, either BAR does not exist or is not worth mentioning. He does not want black people thinking outside the box the white man has created for them.

(PS: Of course he is aware of BAR. I posted some powerful links and  quotes from BAR when I was participating at Abagond’s site. This omission testifies to his shillery.)


  1. Great post! Abagond’s RT bias completely echoes that of the mainstream media.

    And I might add that his favorite “black” media, the Root, is owned by Univision Communications Inc, which is run by Haim Saban an Israeli-Egyptian-American and Randy Falco, a white guy. Just saying.

    The Root has been on an all-out war against black men, with disgusting articles like, “Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People”. If you can wrap your head around that idiocy.

    The Grio is owned by NBC.

    Newsone allows Roland Martin on air. Enough said.

    Africanews was started by Michael Peters, a white guy, and is a subsidiary of French-based Euronews, which is controlled by Media Globe Networks, NBC, etc.

    Common theme here: NBC and Univision. Abagond’s probably getting paid by one or both.

    1. thanks, resw. great info.

    2. After a year (that I am aware of) of effectively advocating for MSM in so called media rating posts such as these (which always rates MSM sources highest visavis RT and alternative media) Abagond writes this:


      Even NPR uses this “perceived injustice” language when it comes to Blacks:
      “Trump also received acclaim for his recent criticism of NFL players who have knelt during the national anthem to protest what they see as racial injustice in the country. ”


      That is precisely the problem with American media, corporate as well as public funded. It all has the same mindset because it is all part of the propaganda matrix. It’s going to follow whatever agenda the government sets. The FBI has decreed black thought criminal. The racial injustice such thinkers protest is, according to this narrative, merely perceived. They will all repeat this mantra. That is why MSM is the enemy of black people and why I don’t understand why Abagond is its advocate. At least I wouldn’t understand if I had not discovered he is a fraud. A black fraud just like Obama.

  2. This comment is typical of what the Deep State thru people like Abagond want to program black people to think as they enlist them in the info war against Russia. Sad to say, from this example and what I have seen elsewhere, its an effective psy op.

    Mack Lyons (@DDSSBlog)
    You gotta wonder if the end goal of the Russians and their ongoing disinformation campaign isn’t to just discredit the notion of democracy by disrupting America’s democratic processes, but to foment a civil war in the U.S. by pitting BLM and its supporters against the alt-right and its supporters. That’d be a hell of a way to destabilize the U.S. and tilt the playing field in Russia’s and China’s favor.

    1. Mary Burrell

      With Russian trolls all over the internet how do we know what’s fake news and what’s not?

      such abysmal and dangerous black gullibility.

    2. And of course it was Solitaire, who resw identifies as Abagond’s primary henchman and co-propagandist, that initiates this line of black Russia baiting.


      Just to complicate matters: one of the approaches the Russian trolls apparently use is to set up fake accounts based on BLM:
      It appears that the same Russian agency is simultaneously running fake accounts geared towards white supremacists:
      So it looks like there are at least two different potential infiltrators to worry about: the FBI and the Russian govt.
    3. LMAO, blaming Russia for “foment[ing] a civil war in the U.S. by pitting BLM and its supporters against the alt-right”. That’s at the height of absurdity. Even if “Russia” is doing everything the msm/government claims, it still doesn’t make “Russia” the cause. Or I suppose we’re supposed to ignore what police are doing and the systemic racism has always been part of American society.

  3. Ironically when he talks about rating media in general, in his second mbfc post, Abagond mentions Black Agenda Report right off the bat. He didn’t mention it in the previous post where he specifically rates black media. I guess he forgot and provided the mention in the second post as an afterthought.

    >HIGH fact checking:
        Left: Black Agenda Report, Daily Beast, Democracy Now, Electronic Intifada, Esquire, Huffington Post, Mediaite, Media Matters, Mother Jones, New Republic, New York magazine, New Yorker, Salon, Slate, The Young Turks, TheGrio, The Nation, The Root, Vox.
        Left Centre: ABC News, ACLU, Al Jazeera, Atlanta Black Star, Axios, Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, FiveThirtyEight, Global Post, Haaretz, Harper’s, Heavy, Houston Chronicle, Human Rights Watch, LA Times, Miami Herald, Mic, NBC News, New York Times, Newsweek, NewsOne, NPR, PBS NewsHour, Politico, RationalWiki, Sky News, SPLC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The independent, The Intercept, The Real News Network, The Week, Time, Washington Post, Wired.
        Centre: Ahram Online, AFP, Africa News, Al Arabiya, Amnesty International, China Daily, Christian Science Monitor, Consortium News, Financial Times, Snopes, South China Morning Post, The Economist, Times of India, USA Today, VOA, Vocativ, Wikipedia.
        Pro-Science: Discover, National Geographic, Scientific American
        Right Centre: Circa News, Daily Telegraph, Des Moines Register, Real Clear Politics, Times of London, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, Weekly Standard.
        Right: Hot Air, National Review Online, New York Observer.
        Extreme Right:

    He forgot about BAR. The following has a very tenuous relationship to my point but Ive been looking for an excuse to post it. I dont like rap. But i like this.

    Motherfuckers act like they forgot about BAR.

    1. So he acknowledges BAR as a legitimate source but won’t recommend it to his readers as “black media”. But will recommend all the ones owned by Univision and NBC

  4. https://abagond.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/russian-facebook-ad.png?w=500&h=281


    According to Abagond: A Russian ad that appeared on Facebook in 2016 to get Trump elected US president.

    this is deep state bullshit here.

    there is no proof that russia tried to get trump elected, even if this did turn out to be a russian ad, which i doubt since facebook classifies anything remotely connected to russia as ‘russian’

    its deep state bullshit and its dangerous. abagond should be ashamed of himself for this relentless pandering.

    1. “I have not been visiting abagond’s blog lately, so do you know if he/she has mentioned Hillary lately? I ask because Hillary’s been in the news with her book and speaking openly about why she thinks she loss.”

      Not that I know of. But he still has that running Russiadidit background theme. As obvious a psyop as the CIA has ever devised. As you say, Abagond is an astute man and he therefore knows its a psy op. Yet he pushes it anyway. So I guess thats Hillary related. Gonna ride that horse to death. The Russiadidit narrative must be pursued, beyond all reason, as Hillary’s exoneration.

      I can hear her now “Tell Abagond to throw in some Russiadidits into those posts! What do you mean ‘unrelated’? I dont give a rats ass!”

      According to Abagond: A Russian ad that appeared on Facebook in 2016 to get Trump elected US president.

  5. more and more he reveals himself to be an agent of some faction of the deep state. he promotes their fabricated memes faithfully and religiously. obviously the clintonian faction.

  6. Abagond staying away from politics I see:

    New Stuff

    Lauryn Hill: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
    Crazy Rich Asians
    Was Cleopatra beautiful?
    Jennifer Esposito is not “White enough”
    Why Jimi Hendrix fans are mostly White
    Aretha Franklin: Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)
    Aretha Franklin
    In memoriam: Aretha Franklin
    Which are the best romance novels?
    Yara Shahidi
    Queen Tiye
    Christina Aguilera: The Voice Within
    Trump is an average racist
    The Truman Show
    Marsha Ambrosius: Old Times
    My adventures in sports
    Programming note #37
    Russsiagate update
    Mj Rodriguez ft Billy Porter: Home
    Brett Kavanaugh
    Anthony Kennedy
    Boney M: Rivers of Babylon
    Patricia Okoumou
    What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?
    Lost book covers, part II
    Reconstructing the Gospel

    Except for the two obligatory antiTrump posts. No controversy here. Sailing is smooth. All are in agreement.

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