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Covid injections are weapons of the US Department of Defence’s “covid-19 kill box”, researcher says — Rights and Freedoms

BY RHODA WILSON ON FEBRUARY 26, 2023 • ( 10 COMMENTS ) During the covid era, public health has been militarised.  They are using public health language and public health laws to carry out a military campaign.  As such, Katherine Watt has prepared a template for a ‘Notice of War Crimes’ for Americans to issue to healthcare providers who are promoting or […] […]

Woody Harrelson Tells Truth About COVID On SNL!

Masks Work!

Just kidding But this is a good article for examining both sides of the issue, not necessarily for its thesis or conclusion but for the links provided in this paragraph. I have long wondered what the argument for the efficacy of masks was based on. Here it is juxtaposed to the “most rigorous and comprehensive […]

The Premature Use Of Mechanical Ventilation in the First Wave of the Covid Pandemic — Brownstone Institute

Of all the Covid “rabbit holes” I have gone down, each one then led to me entering an often public “science battle,” only some of which I have “won.” But I did win a few, none more successful than when I immediately shut down the shocking and rapidly spreading obsessive practice by ER and ICU… The […]

Plainclothes Paramilitaries and the Predator State — Common Dreams

To residents of Memphis’s resource-poor, predominantly nonwhite neighborhoods, the Scorpions were easy to spot. The plainclothes patrols were known for driving their unmarked Dodge Chargers through the streets, often all too recklessly, sowing fear as they went, spitting venom from their windows, jumping out with guns drawn at the slightest sign of an infraction.On the… Plainclothes […]

Bill Gates says the quiet part out loud

From LAB to LUNGS: The real COVID timeline in a nutshell — Bill Gates says the quiet part out loud about depopulating the planet by using abortions, pharmaceuticals and “new vaccines” Dial it back. The year was 2010, and Bill Gates said the quiet part out loud, at a TED conference, explaining how the world […]

The Ruling Class of the Retirement Home — Brownstone Institute

The geriatric elite of our country reflect an obstinate arrogance in our nation’s ruling class. Rather than enjoying the benefits of accumulated wisdom, the country suffers under the egotism and incompetence of the gerontocracy.  After trillions of dollars spent on foreign interventions and a disastrous public health response, the ruling class of the retirement home shows no signs […]

All a Sham

Five Lessons from Three Years of Authoritarianism  SETH SMITH   Three years ago few of us knew the impending storm that was brewing; one that would upend the very fabric of global democracy, destroy whole communities, businesses and families and cause a vast number of children and adolescents to become unmoored and disengage from society, among […]

Bioweapon: The Pentagon and the National Security Agency ran the entire pandemic response

RFK Jr :138 Companies Involved in COVID Vaccine. “They’re all military contractors.” RFK Jr says, “There were 138 companies that were involved in manufacturing and distributing the vaxxine. They’re all military contractors. The Pentagon and the National Security Agency ran the entire pandemic response. “Pfizer and Moderna don’t really own those vaxxines. They slap their […]

Robert Burrowes–How to Resist —

“The only way we can defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, is to mobilize sufficient people all over the world who are willing to nonviolently non-cooperate with its foundational components, that is, those elements that make the entire Elite program possible.”Makow- The shepherds are working for the wolves! People are not prepared to deal… Robert […]