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EPSTEIN, TRUMP, 9 11 — Aangirfan

…Above we see Jeffrey Epstein’s girl Nadia Marcinko (Nada Marcinkova) landing at Teterboro airport in New Jersey.Teterboro airport played a role in CIA renditions and in 9 11Teterboro AirportAre people going to be allowed to criticise the Zionist elite?Here is a bill that was recently signed into law by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis:Under this legislation,… via […]

9/11 flight paths — Brasscheck TV

Unasked – and unanswered – questions Bizarre and obvious 9/11 flight paths. Unasked – and unanswered – questions. This aspect of 9/11 is as bizarre at the still unexplained collapse of WTC 7. Why did the all planes turn their transponders off roughly at the same time as they were all simultaneously passing through areas… via […]

‘Turnkey Tyranny’ on the Streets of Washington — Consortiumnews

By Ray McGovern Gerry Condon, President of Veterans For Peace, was bloodied and “taken to ground,” on Wednesday night for trying to get food to people inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. The activists inside, some of whom have lived in the embassy for weeks with permission from the Venezuelan government, are protecting the premises […]

They keep on lying

Bobby Fischer, Grand Master of Revisionism — The Truthseeker

John Wear – An Inconvenient History April 11, 2019 Robert James “Bobby” Fischer began playing chess at Age Six when his mother Regina bought him a chess set at a candy store. Fischer and his older sister Joan learned the rules from the enclosed manual. Bobby and his sister began playing with each other, but… via […]

Why the War on “Conspiracy Theories” Is Bad Public Policy — Global Research

A Review of Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein (based on an earlier paper co-authored with Adrian Vermeule); In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business by Charlan Nemeth; and Conspiracy Theories and … The post Why the War on “Conspiracy Theories” Is Bad Public Policy appeared first… via […]

The direct line from the Nazis to the Neo-Cons — Brasscheck TV

A little history The Neo-cons draw Nazi legal theory Why does US foreign – and even domestic policy – so often echo the behavior of the Nazi regime? A little history answers the question… There’s a direct line from the Nazis to the Neo-Cons – and the Neo-Cons are clearly who the powers-that-be want in… via […]