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Archons? Illuminati? Lizard people? Or just plain psychopaths? Whatever they are, They live!

Mocking Atrocities

Banal, Joking Murderers by WILLIAM MANSON The “evil” of banality: the complacent acceptance of everyday “life” in the U.S. as trivial, demeaning, laughable.  If “work” is often senseless and mind-numbing, the average, sublimely ridiculous American has plenty ofpanem et circenses—a cornucopia of snacks, amusements and games which may soothe his otherwise  beleaguered, suffocating self.  As […]

‘Devoloped’ nations’ cooperate for lie-based unlawful wars: who’s coordinating this?

by Carl Herman In my 18 years’ working with “leadership” of both US political parties as a RESULTS “hobby” lobbyist to end poverty, all of us on that inside were struck by the coordination of so-called “developed” nations’ governments and media to publicly lie regarding the essential facts that poverty could be easily ended for less than […]

Psychopaths Rise to the Top