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America the psychopathocracy

Hegemon USA Prepares for “Significant International Conflict” — The Stephen Lendman Blog Notably throughout the post-WW II period, peace and stability have been anathema notions for the US ruling class. Perpetual US war on humanity at home and abroad proved it indisputably. At a time when hegemon USA is waging all-out sanctions and proxy hot […]

Hegemon USA is run by psychopaths

US/NATO proxy war on Russia is heading toward what’s unthinkable. Support of their regimes for Ukraine to undermine Russia shows the following: Hegemon USA is run by psychopaths and sociopaths, its criminal class. The same goes for Britain, France and Germany. With no prospect of defeating Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, continuing the madness of support […]

Psychopath or Sociopath?

Do They Have a Conscience? “A key difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is whether he has a conscience, the little voice inside that lets us know when we’re doing something wrong, says L. Michael Tompkins, EdD. He’s a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center.  A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. […]

Police thugs

Police Mob Swarms SUV, Smash Windows, Allegedly Drag Out Parents, Beat Them in Front of Kids — The Free Thought Project A horrifying video shows dozens of cops swarm an SUV, smash out the windows, and allegedly drag parents out and beat them in front of kids. Police Mob Swarms SUV, Smash Windows, Allegedly Drag Out […]

The psychopath on the left? Or the psychopath on the right?

Pick Your Poison, America! —

The Psychopathocracy and you

When our own government no longer sees us as human beings with dignity and worth but as things to be manipulated, maneuvered, mined for data, manhandled by police, conned into believing it has our best interests at heart, mistreated, jailed if we dare step out of line, and then punished unjustly without remorse—all the while […]

US/NATO Preparing for War on Russia? — Stephen Lendman

US/NATO Preparing for War on Russia? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Wars by hot and other means are all about Washington’s main strategy to advance its imperium — seeking dominance over other nations, their resources and populations by brute force if other methods don’t achieve its objectives. 1,377 more words US/NATO Preparing […]

Eviction Crisis While Dems & Republicans Do Political Theater!

The Bloodless Political Class and Its Lack of Empathy — AIER

AKA The Psychopathocracy Why watch COVID press conferences and briefings by politicians? They are just upsetting. These people seem to have no clue about why the virus is ignoring them. They keep issuing strange and arbitrary rules that they make up, change by the day, all enforced by intimidation and compulsion. They posture in this […]

Criminal negligence of the Insane Clown President

For America’s Urgent Health and Safety, Trump Needs to Resign! — Common Dreams – Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community   Ralph Nader Leaning on sober-minded experts in infectious diseases at his daily news conferences, Trump is frantically trying to look good. But the old delusionary Trump keeps resurfacing. On Monday, he rated […]