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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

geoengineeringwatch As I’m sure you are, I am continually amazed, and sickened, to see ugly chemtrails show up in the background of virtually every outdoor image these days.Here is a prime example.  This link was sent to us earlier today. – (thanks Cliff!): LINK—->,-4.90,70.0 <—-LINK People have been so conditioned at this point, that most look […]

Bilderberg All Star Awards

Chemtrailed Sky Salute to Space Shuttle Endeavour [video]

Posted by Ross Pittman Before landing at Los Angeles International Airport on September 22  to begin its final journey into retirement, the space shuttle Endeavour glided over southern California.  Tens of thousands of people in the Los Angeles area had their eyes on the skies, including scores of school children who were on their lunch break. […]

Changes like the weather +Parallel ribbons

Sun 23 I saw wispy banshee clouds this morning and later my first actual chemtrail sighting in a while. Quickly the cloud cover mushroomed. At 11:30 the sky is completely occluded by a layer of soft grey clouds. It’s amazing. The weather changes like, well, the weather. Tue 25 Parallel ribbons of fluffy clouds across […]

This Week +No obvious chemtrail activity +Specks +More rain +Pale sky

Rain on Monday. Clearing Tuesday. Pale sky. Thur, 9/20/12 Clear skies the past couple of days; if you call pale skies (from the film that occludes the blue) clear. No obvious chemtrail activity, and yet they are keeping the atmosphere saturated, aren’t they? Night spraying? Chembombs? That residue that I detected on the foliage a couple of […]

RAP NEWS 15: Big Brother is WWWatching You (feat. George Orwell)

 by thejuicemedia Juice Rap News: Episode 15 – Big Brother is WWWatching You. September 2012 rocks around with some crucial developments in the ongoing struggle over the future of the internet. Will it remain the one open frequency where humanity can bypass filters and barriers; or become the greatest spying machine ever imagined? The future is […]

Fleet of UFOs Departing the Moon

OMG – What The H Are These Leaving The Moon?  by Rick Phillips http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot A person from Germany who has caught UFO’s on the moon before within the past year – now has this with 23,000 views in TWO days and a 9/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion – compelling? Or, complete BS? link – Uploaders Channel […]

Not much to report this week

Not much to report this week regarding chemtrail sightings. None. But then, I haven’t been out much at all this dismal week. Not the weather, dismal; life. I’ve heard the weather’s been nice. Today the sky is completely covered in a layer of soft textured clouds. Obviously there will be no chemtrails sighted today. It […]

Looks Like Clouds by Monet

chemical carnage-extreme multicoloured cloudclash mega stainbows 31/8/12 suffolk uk Published on Sep 12, 2012 by ecliptyclunacy joseph dreamcoat got nothing on this coloured catastrophe…… [added extra-spectrumutated alien skum-april 2012]. More UK Published on Sep 8, 2012 by jamnoise72 08.09.12 THIS IS NOT NORMAL. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK IT IS, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO […]

Nature Interrupted

Skywatcher: Contrails, Chemtrails and Artificial Clouds Skywatcher is a 25-minute science documentary. In this movie, we discuss weather modification and the REAL cause of climate change, which is anthropogenic CLOUD cover– not other greenhouse gases like CO2– and the spraying of “cloud seeding” chemicals (especially silver iodide) for precipitation enhancement. This documentary explains exactly HOW […]