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The Program to Mask Society is a Grotesque Governmental Manipulation of a Frightened and Confused Public. — Global Research

By Prof. Bill Willers “Anyone who believes anything the US government says is gullible beyond the meaning of the word.” –Paul Craig Roberts, 2014 The dramatic reversal in official U.S. policy regarding facial masking is epitomized by, first, the May, 2020 report of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in which facial masks are acknowledged to be […]

We Must Choose: Liberty or Lockdown — AIER

By late April 2020, with reports of plummeting death rates from all causes, the Covid-19 crisis was already essentially over. Signs mounted that this “viral new mania,” as I called it, was far less severe than previous flus in 1918, 1958, and 1968 that occasioned no lockdowns or business closures despite millions of deaths from… We […]

Average American recorded by security cameras 238 times each week — UNDERNEWS

Explosive Evidence from Trump Insider: Assange Dragged from Embassy “on the Orders of the President” — Global Research

By Laura Tiernan and Thomas Scripps Alt-right media personality Cassandra Fairbanks’ witness testimony was read out in court yesterday, providing evidence that Julian Assange’s April 2019 arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was politically motivated and directed by United States President Donald Trump. Fairbanks testified that Arthur Schwartz, a wealthy Republican Party donor and key Trump ally, had told her that […]

All Covid-19 Testing Yields False-Positive Results! — All forms of Covid-19 testing are useless and cannot detect the presence of a fake viral disease. I have been writing about this fact all year. Dr. Reizer ______________________________________________ STOP THE COVID-19  HOAX INSANITY: DOWNLOAD A COPY OF DR. REIZER’S PLANDEMIC NOVELLA ON AMAZON.COM. TELL OTHERS AND SHARE THE INFORMATION BROADLY! PLEASE RATE AND […]

A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 2021 — MintPress News

The most significant scientific discovery since gravity has been hiding in plain sight for nearly a decade and its destructive potential to humanity is so enormous that the biggest war machine on the planet immediately deployed its vast resources to possess and control it, financing its research and development through agencies like the National Institutes… A […]

19 Years of Media Supported 9/11 Big Lies and Mass Deception — Stephen Lendman

19 Years of Media Supported 9/11 Big Lies and Mass Deception by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Without media support for state-sponsored high crimes — notably US-led NATO and Israeli wars by hot and other means — dark forces running things in the US, West, and Jewish state could never get away with their […]

Hooked on phonics? Kite Playing Must Kit Steal

Aka: Kite plane must hit steel

It’s been almost 20 years: “When in hell are all you people going to wake up?”

Bill Cooper predicted 911 (it cost him his life)

The NWO’s Police State Victoria … see how they operate & listen to cowardly MSM’s response —

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: Sending messages of intimidation & fear. The independent journo clearly had crossed all his tees & dotted his eyes. Still arrested. Pinned to the ground. Fascism is rising really fast. Imagine this scenario say ten years ago? The NWO’s Police State Victoria … see how they operate & […]