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What If? — O Society

by O Society May 20, 2019 What if the so-called “president” is an actor who is “not an actor?” Maybe he’s a WWF Wrassling Hall of Famer and reality TV celebrity game show host. And what if this story about a Resistance, which is not a real “Resistance” of course, fights the “president” on TV? […] […]


Archie was the name inspired by a New Zealand boy.Harry Styles is the real father of royal baby Archie, according to Spanish TV.Harry Styles named DAD of royal baby Archie …Prince Harry has had ‘mental health’ problems?Above, we see the Harry and Meghan wedding.Meghan Markle worked for World Vision, which has been linked to the […]

The US Government is a Thief and Murderer —

This acknowledgement from a guy who celebrates the Confederacy. I can only assume he means the post Civil War US government The US Government is a Thief and Murderer And the criminal banks cooperate in the theft. What was Venezuela thinking when it trusted Western institutions?  The post The US Government is a Thief […]

The Lure of the Physical Body — Waking Times

Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times These are notes I made on the subject of one of the central aspects of physical reality: The physical body is extremely attractive. One could call it an “art object.” Nothing Michelangelo or Leonardo painted or sculpted can rival it. The body, inhabited by a soul, comes alive. It walks and… via […]

Billionaire Intends to Buy 15% of the Planet to Protect It — Waking Times

John Vibes, Truth TheoryWaking Times Last month, when over a billion dollars was donated for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, many people were askingwhy such large sums of money aren’t available for more pressing issues like homelessness or the environment. It is certainly rare for such a large contribution to go towards something that… […]

Selected posts 2016

THE FOURTH REICH February 20, 2016 · by nomad · in Aisle C, Bush, CIA, Conspiracies, False Flag Operations, Fascism, Government Secrecy, HAARP, Imperialism, Secret Technology, UFOs ·Edit The Nazis Didn’t Lose They Moved to America Prof James Fetzer  Interview with  Author Brad Olsen buy his book here Brilliant and  informative interview with NEW information – must listen!!! President George H. W. Bush was a German national and changed his name. As a […]

Selected posts 2015

INCARCERATION NATION January 17, 2015 · by nomad · in Criminal Justice System, Incarceration Nation, Injustice, Racism ·Edit by WashingtonsBlog There Are More Blacks Under Correctional Control Today Than In 1850 Slaveholding America … More Are In Jail Than In Apartheid South Africa … And More Are Disenfranchised Than The Year The Constitutional Amendment Giving Blacks the Right To Vote Was Ratified […]