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The Coming Wave of Internet Censorship

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Weather Warfare Explained


James Stewart, Earl of Moray and Mar. Alex Younger, boss of MI6.Note the dark, ‘Semitic and Mediterranean appearance of the royal Stewart family’.”When Scotland Was Jewish” King David was Jewish, like so many of the top Scots?Alex Younger is the boss of the UK security service MI6, and he is married to Sarah Hopkins.Could Alex Younger… […]


54 Years Ago Today, Gov’t and Media Created & Spread ‘Fake News’ to Start the Vietnam War . Gulf of Tonkin False Flag Robert McNamara Admitting They Lied and They Were Not Attacked . The attack on America on September 11, 2001 was another false flag that killed over 3,000 Americans and millions of citizens […]

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Bush Jr Could not Resist  Showing Who Really Reigns War is the Devil’s favourite game.  Wars are mostly made in Britain and America.  In Syria we sponsored, financed, trained and armed the terrorists for over five years.  The Russians have sorted out the resulting mess we made of this once stable country.   The innocent pay […]

The Murder of Whitney Houston (Documentary 2018)

The Deep State Intends To Destroy Alex Jones—Don’t Let Them —

The Deep State Intends To Destroy Alex Jones—Don’t Let Them Fabricated, unwarranted lawsuits are being used in an effort to shut down Alex Jones who raises too many issues that those who rule us do not want raised. At times Alex can be over the top, but overall he has spread a lot of awareness… via […]