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The Secret Society You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of


Here is a bit of serendipity. These birds. Tiny birds built a nest in an open cable junction box just under the eave of the roof at the corner of my house. That was Thursday. I only noticed because they got so agitated when I passed by, chirping loudly and flittering  about. I removed the […]

Newly Released Documents: U.S. Knew About the Holocaust and Let It Happen — The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) According to recently revealed documents, the U.S., British, and Russian governments knew of Adolf Hitler’s slaughter of Jews, known as the Holocaust, as early as 1942 but failed to take action to prevent it. The Independent reports: “Newly accessed material from the United Nations – not seen for around 70 years – shows that… via […]

Is the Russian Government Insouciant?

Is the Russian Government Insouciant? Paul Craig Roberts On March 1 the US National Reconnaissance Office launched a spy satellite carried by an Atlas V rocket that was powered by a Russian RD-180 engine. The Unites States, an alleged “superpower,” is not capable of putting its own spy satellites into space. The “superpower” is […]

If 60 MINUTES is Right & PIZZAGATE is ‘Fake News’… EXPLAIN THIS!

The Day Earth Was Murdered

The Day Earth Was Murdered Paul Craig Roberts “Change you can believe in” disappeared in the early days of the Obama regime as the same Washington insiders filled the new government’s ranks. David Brooks sung the praises of those who made change impossible: “the best of the Washington insiders, Achievetrons who got double 800s on… via […]

TED Talk Parody Shows How Easy it is to Brainwash Us with Formulas

Vic Bishop, StaffWaking Times Subliminal messages in advertising are but one tool available to public relations and propaganda professionals to manufacture consent, create unanimity, and encourage group-think. The use of formulas, scripts and rehearsals are also integral parts of the production process, and a look at how easily a formula can influence our perception of the… […]