The Lakeside Estates, in El Dorado Hills, California, haven’t updated their community ” Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” since 1959. New applicants were shocked that there is language, in the HOA paperwork, that stated only whites can live in the neighborhood. As reported by Brad Reed with RawStory: “No person except those of the… via […] Donald Trump may or may not fix his campaign, and Hillary Clinton may or may not become the first female president. But something else happening before our eyes is almost as important: the complete collapse of American journalism as we know it. The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the […]

The Term “Conspiracy Theory” Was Invented by the CIA In Order To Prevent Disbelief of Official Government Stories Ron Unz reports on the cold shoulder given to an extensively researched book that concludes that World War II hero General George Patton was murdered by the CIA because he became a powerful critic of Washington.… via […]

One of the most amazing and least understood attempted achievements of ancient Egypt is the 1200 ton unfinished obelisk located in the Aswan quarry. The dynastic people could not have shaped this huge stone, due to its size and hardness, and there is ample evidence that they tried to cut it into smaller pieces, unsuccessfully. […] […]


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