They are really fooling me this morning. At dawn I saw soft fuzzy pink tentacles stretching out from the vicinity of the rising sun. In fact the bank of clouds on the western horizon was pink as well. But the streaks emanating from the east were very long, extending and fanning out over most of […]

Hardly went out at all yesterday. No opportunity to observe, but I did see that the sky was mostly covered over with various kinds of clouds, heavier in the morning, lighter in the evening. Seems there may have been light rain overnight. I saw no chemtrails but some of the clouds looked suspiciously cirrious. The […]

Monday, Monday. So there were no morning trails yesterday. Mysterious cirrious clouds did appear later in the day. (Cirrious clouds are clouds that resemble those left behind by chemtrails.) This morning those same kind of clouds are creeping their way out of the east, along with the rising sun. You can see enough linear veins […]

State of the Nation SOTN Editor’s Note A highly consequential global climate change conference recently took place in Paris, France.  Several concerned activists, including activist Michael Murphy, attended this meeting in order to better understand the hidden agenda behind the extraordinary drive to pass sweeping global climate legislation.  The primary stated purpose of this new […]

7/17/15 Completely “clear” skies this morning. Except for that hazy film that causes the sky to look pale. 7:30 AM. A much more natural blue sky at noon. With numerous voluminous billowing cumulus clouds. There is something about cumulus clouds that have the effect of  washing the paleness from the sky. It is as if […]

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t want to go outside. Too hot. And today is predicted to be even hotter. 100 degrees. But I saw no morning chemtrails yesterday. Maybe the previous day’s thunderstorm was a break point. There were some cumulus, however, and they had frayed contours, indicating the presence of […]

[It] is troubling that at the end of the first black president’s tenure, black Americans have lost ground in almost every measure. Worse yet, instead of calling for solutions, we seem to now be fixated on a symbol of racism, the Confederate flag, rather than the system of racism that those who fly the flag […]


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