Rohn Kenyatta Black people in the US may not like white people, for good reason, but lack the power to construct an anti-white racism. “Black People in America have virtually no institutional power.” Black’s Law Dictionary (no pun intended) defines “racism” as follows: “A set of policies that is exhibited by a person or persons toward […]

The Trump mob — Undernews  By Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey At President Trump’s speeches and rallies, Stephen Miller often can be found backstage, watching the teleprompter operator. As other White House staffers chat or look at their phones, Miller’s attention remains glued to the controls. The energy and crowd-thrilling parts of Trump’s speeches usually happen during his […]

Source – – “…The U.S. House of Representatives having “quietly passed a bill requiring the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to conduct a review into whether the Pentagon experimented with ticks and other blood-sucking insects for use as biological weapons between 1950 and 1975” Lyme Disease and Biowarfare – By Karl Grossman […] Black Caucus in Thrall, or Fear, of Israel Authors Glen Ford glen Tue, 08/20/2019 – 01:25 “The Israelis may have finally stepped on the third rail of congressional relations, with their joint decision with President Trump to ban Omar and Tlaib.” If there still exists within the Congressional Black Caucus even an ounce of self-respect,… […]

Murder Incorporated: Dreaming of Empire Book 1 (Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny) By Mumia Abu Jamal* and Stephen Vittoria Prison Radio (2018) Inspired by Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, this book is a carefully compiled history of the genocidal racism that forms the bedrock of US history and culture. Murder Incorporated begins […] […]

100 years after hundreds of African Americans were reportedly killed in Elaine, Arkansas, a memorial is set to bring details of the tragedy to light Charlie McClain was surprised to learn that he was related to one of the Elaine Twelve. It came out when McClain, 58, asked his mother earlier this year about the… via […]

Author’s preface German dictator Adolf Hitler had a central role in initiating World War II, by pursuing a list of bold and aggressive foreign policy actions dating from the mid-1930s, and culminating in his invasion of Poland in the autumn of 1939 … […] Hitler’s expansionist acts on the European mainland inevitably spread forth to […]