John Kiriakou  Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, in an explosive interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” said that in early 2017,  in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey, he and other FBI officials discussed the possibility of recruiting a cabinet secretary to help push the president out of office by using the […]

Israel Targets Black America According to this report, Jews initiated blackface in order to shift ridicule away from Jews to blacks: God’s Chosen People The post Israel Targets Black America appeared first on   via Israel Targets Black America —

Above, we see Luciana Berger, aka Luciana Goldsmith, a Zionist Member of the UK Parliament.On 18 February 2019, Berger resigned from the Labour Party [7] in protest at the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and said that Labour had become institutionally anti-Semitic. Berger and six other MPs formed The Independent Group.[8]Berger is the great-niece of trade […]

Reveals an insidious mindset at the top levels of the FCC and industry. * Note to readers: please click the share buttons below. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc.… The post Video: “The Truth About 5G” appeared first on Global Research. via Video: “The Truth About 5G” […]

–Posted/Ramola D/2/15/2019 “5G is a Weapons System, Nothing More, Nothing Less”: Technical Weapons Expert Mark Steele Issues Wake Up Call to All UK Residents on 5G LED Street Lights Rollout in Gateshead In a powerful and technically insightful conversation aired at Ramola D Reports on January 22, 2019, Mark Steele, technical weapons expert, patent writer, […] […]

How did it become an iron rule that among all peoples and organized interest groups in the world, only the Israel Lobby is protected from being “hurt” by someone speaking the truth? via Rep. Ilhan Omar Forced to Apologize for Stating the Obvious Truth —

Walker Bragman@WalkerBragman Where would anyone get the idea that AIPAC has undue influence in DC? 1,578 3:29 PM – Feb 11, 2019 — Walker Bragman (@WalkerBragman) February 11, 2019 ps. PRO-ISRAEL LOBBY CAUGHT ON TAPE BOASTING THAT ITS MONEY INFLUENCES WASHINGTON Democratic Party Insiders Create Group To Promote Israel to Progressives The new group, […]