Glen Ford Eight years ago, Black America drank deeply from the intoxicating cup we at Black Agenda Report dubbed “ObamaL’aid, a mind altering substance designed to dull Black folks’ historical aversion to U.S. military adventures abroad and undermine their well-founded distrust of the motives of those that rule the United States. A million African Americans […]

Washington DC — (RT) The CIA has published online nearly 13 million pages of declassified records, including papers on the US role in overthrowing foreign governments and the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project. The range of documents, known as the CREST (CIA Records Search Tool) database, covers an array of materials related to the Vietnam War,… […]

There are several events this week that we never expected to happen under normal circumstances which will enhance the credibility and resolve of the Global Resistance Movement. via Notable & Bizarre Events Suggesting the Puppets Are Being Abandoned — Covert Geopolitics

The medical community has been left speechless at the discovery that several holistic doctors were found dead in apparent “suicides” over the last year, seemingly after a breakthrough cancer treatment was announced. The new treatment, which First Immune had released a 2-minute video (shown below) of, includes the human protein GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating […]

The November 2016 elections held in the United States confirmed that marijuana is gaining public acceptance in the country. Although the media attention was on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, marijuana was also on the ballot in some states. At the end of the polls, the efforts of marijuana activists were never in vain. They won… […]

Trump Agenda Neutralized By CIA Disinformation Pat Buchanan writes that the hope for normal relations with Russia “is now suddenly impaired.” “The howls of indignation from Democrats and the media — that Trump’s victory and Clinton’s defeat were due to Putin’s involvement in our election — have begun to limit Trump’s freedom of action in… via […]

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at I’m a former lifelong Democrat, stating here a clear and incontestable fact: Barack Obama is a failed President. It’s true not just because of the sad realities such as that “Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time” — or, as the economists Alan… […]