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Pulling the Mask Off the Drone Ranger

The Rise of the Drone Master: Pop Culture Recasts Obama By MICHAEL D. SHEARAPRIL 29, 2014   Continue reading the main storyVideo   PLAY VIDEO|2:05 Obama’s Pop Culture Legacy   Obama’s Pop Culture Legacy Michael D. Shear examines how popular culture has incorporated the issues that President Obama has faced.     WASHINGTON — In Marvel’s latest […]

Pope Francis Easter liturgy..why do they speak of Lucifer?

QOTD: Impeach Obama

“Indeed – as bad as Bush was – Obama is worse on certain impeachable offenses.”

The Five Classes of Power Elites

America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy by Charles Hugh Smith  is an interesting analysis of class in America. While I am not quite convinced about his break down of the middle and lower classes, his class divisions of the upper tier could be quite useful in understanding of the nature of the  power elite that run this nation. […]


Why Inequality Started Soaring in 1971  by WashingtonsBlog Going Off the Gold Standard Encouraged a Financialized Economy … Which Caused Inequality to Soar The New York Sun notes that inequality started soaring in 1971 … the same year that Nixon took the U.S. off of the gold standard.  The Sun shows the following chart from Thomas Piketty’s new […]

‘Devoloped’ nations’ cooperate for lie-based unlawful wars: who’s coordinating this?

by Carl Herman In my 18 years’ working with “leadership” of both US political parties as a RESULTS “hobby” lobbyist to end poverty, all of us on that inside were struck by the coordination of so-called “developed” nations’ governments and media to publicly lie regarding the essential facts that poverty could be easily ended for less than […]


The Biggest Secret About Banking Has Just Gone Mainstream  by WashingtonsBlog Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air … Conferring Enormous Windfall Profits At the Expense of the People We’ve pointed out for 4 1/2 years that banks create money out of thin air. Specifically, it has now been conclusively proven that loans come first … and then deposits FOLLOW. […]

Oh the Irony: Putative Racist to Be Honored by NAACP

We’re not joking: The NAACP is scheduled to honor racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling Donald Sterling has become famous for being the man who said that he doesn’t want black people to attend his games.  The owner of the LA Clippers is going to lose millions from fan boycotts after his remarkably unfortunate comments were […]

L.A. Clippers Owner to GF: Don’t Bring Black People to My Games …

BY TMZ L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling told his GF he does NOT want her bringing black people to his games … including Magic Johnson … and it’s ALL on tape. TMZ Sports has obtained audio of Sterling making the racist declaration during a heated argument on April 9th with V. Stiviano … after she posted a photo on Instagram posing with Magic. […]

If the United States Was a Democracy…

[T]he minimum wage would be higher, there would be no cuts to entitlement programs, and Americans would have a single payer health care system. There would be no NAFTA or TPP free trade agreements which force a race to the bottom for workers, destroy entire eco-systems and violate national and popular sovereignty. If this country […]