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DMX Hated the Industry … and it Hated Him Right Back — The Vigilant Citizen

The rapper received the COVID vaccine about a week before his heart attack DMX was a rare figure in popular culture. Despite his enormous success (over 74 million albums sold), the rapper became a vocal critic of the music industry and grew to hate everything about it. DMX was also vocal about another aspect of […]

Note to white celebs: Blackface is not cool. Ever.

Some people find it acceptable. Funny. Etc. Like Megyn Kelly. Not me. I find it offensive. Even if it’s Robert Downy Jr.   Even if it’s Jimmy Fallon Even if it’s Jimmy Kimmel Or these guys  

Steve Harvey: “I am a monkey!” +Update

That about says it all about these Neo-Black motherfuckers “For enough money, boss man, I be whatever you want!” I tell you true, I’m less upset with Roseanne calling Valerie Jarrett a monkey than I am with Steve Harvey calling Cornel West a monkey. Primarily because this motherfucker should know better. [On second listening, maybe […]

THIS IS NOT AMERICA — In Search of Black Assassins

by princeray   […] On May 11, 2018, flipping channels on the idiot box I came across and watched the evening DON LEMON, CNN TONIGHT and an entire line of hosts of Negro bootlickers discuss racism in America, then Childish Gambino/ Donald Glover’s “This is America” music video that went viral on the internet. Don Lemon is openly gay. And, CNN’s on-air personnel haven’t been shy about their open advocacy […]

Michael Jackson’s anti-racism dance

You can bet the Panther he’s alluding to is not T’Challa Well,  oh shoot. Right? I was going to post this as a comment to this post but then I saw mention of  a black panther as Michael goes on a rampage about America’s racism, and decided it deserves a post of its own. Childish Gambino […]

‘Kanye West is a race traitor’: Look who’s talking

The Hagiographer of the Greatest Race Traitor in  History  Kanye West is abandoning his black roots by embracing President Donald Trump and “white freedom,” says author and activist Ta-Nehisi Coates, the latest celebrity piling onto the rapper over his political views. Read Full Article at via Kanye West is a race traitor, declares Atlantic columnist […]

A tale of two Bills

Whats the difference? I’ll give you one guess After Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty, Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Shares Photo: ‘Yes, It Is Time’ guess i should put a via here: check em out. they aint playin

The Aura of the Black Panther

I don’t know how Hollywood arranges for some movies to be blockbusters and some mere crowd pleasers. The Black Panther is a phenomenon and a benchmark in the cultural history of black America. It has a lot to do with the advertising and promotion of the film, but also with fan enthusiasm. The fan enthusiasm, […]

Black Panther Movie: Another Black Face in a High Place

Freedom Rider: Black Panther Movie: A Black Face in a High Place Margaret Kimberley, “There are colored people on screen!” The desire to see a black face in a high place is a legacy of slavery and the century of Jim Crow segregation that followed. The psychological impact of America’s apartheid is enduring, and unlikely […]

Contemplating black divas +Update +

I will be doing a post on black divas. Well, if the crick don’t rise. I’ve been thinking about them for a couple of months now. This is just a quick note so I won’t forget some of what I have been thinking. I was standing in the checkout line at Walmart when I noticed […]