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Honoring Octavius V. Catto: Another History Lesson Trump Will Ignore

Honoring Octavius V. Catto: Another History Lesson Trump Will Ignore by LINN WASHINGTON JR. The historic ceremony outside City Hall in Philadelphia recently, that unveiled a statue of a significant yet overlooked 19th Century civil rights leader, contained chilling contemporary connections that radiate the adage: the more things change the more they stay the same. That ceremony […]

Google’s racist algos

Google Also Allowed Advertisers To Buy Racist Keywords Like “Why Do Black People Ruin Neighborhoods” by Tyler Durden Ever since failing miserably in their efforts to appoint Hillary Clinton to her rightful throne in the Oval Office, Silicon Valley’s biggest tech titans have come under relentless attack from disappointed liberal politicians in DC and their […]

When Good Negroes Go Bad

White America Prefers “Good Blacks”: On Morgan Freeman, Colin Kaepernick, and Trump Paul Street “The militantly and viciously white president and his fellow white nationalist Amerikaner football fans want the players to be ‘good Blacks,’ the types who just obediently damage themselves while dutifully serving the white majority and their direct white masters.” “Wouldn’t you […]

US foreign policy for the New Cold War: From M.A.D. to madness

by David William Pear, September 24, 2017 “if you have nukes, never give them up–if you don’t have them, get them”. —Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence. Those were the words of President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, about the lessons taught from the U.S. destruction of Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. That […] […]

Yes, Virginia, there is white privilege

Banned from Jerk Giambrone’s blog, I responded to his claim that white privilege is a fiction at his latest post at Washington’s Blog. Completely off topic. But that’s what I like about Washington’s Blog comment threads. Anything (almost) goes. You can say whatever the hell you want; without being censored. As a man who has […]

Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases ( Dane Wigington )

QOTD: Morgan Freeman is a sellout to the struggle for black emancipation

“For 241 years, our democracy has been a shining example of what we can all aspire to” -Morgan Freeman “To me, this is the most dangerous and irresponsible lie of the entire [Rob Reiner’s anti-Russia] video and I don’t know how a black man can even utter those words without vomiting, because they make [m]e […]

Why Is Weed Getting More Potent? — Soren Dreier

The feds began monitoring the potency of the nation’s pot supply in the ‘70s by drawing samples from stashes seized by law enforcement, and boy was it schwag. The percentage… via Why Is Weed Getting More Potent? — Soren Dreier

Is Donald Trump playing the HAARP?

by Prince Ray DONALD J. DRUMPF- SON OF WOTAN On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Old Angel Heart– U.S. President select Donald J. Drumpf addressed the United Nations, and the reviews are mixed. He talked about doomsday, groom; and the U.S. blatant slaughter and overkill of a significant number of people of color, the Asian Korean people, for a […]

What’ s up with these people? Jerk Giambrone

These webmasters and even commenters? That can’t stand disagreement? The commenter  gets offended and leaves your blog when you don’t adopt her perspective on specific geopolitical issues. The asshole blogmasters ban you from their blogs for simply disagreeing with them. How weird. They only want people in their commentariat that have the same outlook as […]