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Governing in Secrecy: Can that Really Be Called Democracy?

The Thrust Toward Opacity by GENE GLICKMAN “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.” – Barack Obama (1/21/2009 [This inaugural […]

The Government’s Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained

MoJo Blogs and Articles | Mother Jones by Dana Liebelson This month, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Department of Homeland Security must make its plan to shut off the internet and cellphone communications available to the American public. You, of course, may now be thinking: What plan?! Though President Barack Obama swiftly disapproved of […]

Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

Print Version Source: Washington’s Blog Governments from around the world admit they carry out false flag terror: A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the […]

John F. Kennedy Secret society speech on April 27, 1961

Nein, nein, and hell nein

Germany Says No to Weaponized Drones By David Swanson 15 November 2013 – War Is a Crime Germany had planned to buy a fleet of “Euro Hawk” killer drones — perhaps in an effort to bring the European Union up to speed with certain other Nobel Peace laureates. But something happened on the way to the […]

The white racist guide to black pathologies

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Black pathologies are those things that hold Black Americans back, like crime, drugs, illegitimacy and dropping out of high school. These are things they are doing to themselves. Racism is dead. They need to stop whining about white people and face up to the problems in their own communities. How to…

The Black illegitimacy argument

Originally posted on Abagond:
The top picture for “unwed mothers” in Google Images, 2013 Warning: Charts ahead! You do not have to understand them to understand the post. If you do look at them always note the years each one covers. I tried to get them as close to 1960-2010 as possible. The Black illegitimacy…

The Whitest Jobs U’ Know

The Whitest Jobs U’ Know The top 33 in America: Derek Thompson parses the data on work and race: [Hispanics] make up about half of all farm workers and laborers, 44 percent of grounds maintenance workers, and 43 percent of maids and house cleaners. Blacks, who make up just 11 percent of the workforce, account for […]

The History of MK Ultra

A Manifesto for the Truth

A Manifesto for the Truth by Edward Snowden, November 04, 2013 Print This | Share This This article by Edward Snowden was published Sunday in Der Spiegel. In a very short time, the world has learned much about unaccountable secret   agencies and about sometimes illegal surveillance programs. Sometimes the agencies   even deliberately try to hide […]