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Obama’s Accomplishments: A handy list

When they lionize and mythologize him, remember this… The brilliance of American propaganda. Here’s a list of Obama’s accomplishments – * Gave Bush absolute immunity for everything. * Launched 20,000 air strikes his first term. * Repealed the Propaganda ban, making it legal to spread government propaganda via news outlets. * Signed the Monsanto Protection Act […]

Freedom Rider: The Democrats Win and Black People Lose

Margaret Kimberley If the Democrats were a true political party Nancy Pelosi’s failures would have taken her out of the running for any leadership position. Black Agenda Report was first published in October 2006, just as the Democratic Party was poised to take control of the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi as leader. Twelve […]

The Democratic Party might die: Go Bernie! Go Bernie!

I’ve been wishing for that since 2009 Bernie Sanders Puts Forward a Program That Could Split the Democratic Party Glen Ford Bernie Sanders Puts Forward a Program That Could Split the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders has opened his 2020 campaign with a 10-point program that could bust the Democratic Party wide open – which would be best thing […]

Are you skankin’?

5 Facts That Privileged Americans Don’t Want Us to Know — Truthdig RSS Many of us are ill-informed about certain critical economic and social issues. The following facts should have been reported by the mainstream media, but unfortunately most of that media is controlled by the very people who have reason to hide the facts. […]

Apparently the Bible and the Koran are Antisemitic

Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry trigger warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages — The Vineyard of the Saker Saker note: Yup, you read that right. And I did not even make this up. This was printed by The Daily Mail website. Here is the full text of this via […]

RT online: A racist website

Pirates of the Caribbean writer Rossio faces backlash over anti-vax defence using n-word — RT US News Oscar-nominated screenwriter Terry Rossio has sparked fury online after he tweeted the n-word whilst appearing to equate the racial slur with the term ‘anti-vax’. Read Full Article at Snapshot below of comments to this post. The last one, […]

The federal government is finally willing to look into rampant police brutality – but only if the cops don’t mind

Police brutality across the US is now bad enough that the federal government is finally willing to look at the statistics – if the cops don’t mind. The FBI is starting a data collection effort, based on voluntary self-reports. Read Full Article at via Rampant US police violence prompts nationwide FBI inquiry — RT US […]