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Redemption Songs: One Love, One Heart

Abby Zimet, Further columnist His last “more than brave” performance in Pittsburgh. Photo by Adrian Boot For a break from the madness, and to honor a much-missed voice these days, we mark what would have been the 75th birthday of the great Bob Marley – reggae legend, devout visionary, fighter for the rights of the oppressed and […]

Hey Aretha +Update

This post will be a review of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs: R.I.P. Aretha, Sing One for Me – George Jackson UPDATE: The above was posted because it was a YouTube mix. I was under the impression that the entire sequence of the mix would play automatically. For the sake of full disclosure I have […]


I don’t put anything past these elites “Guiltiness” Guiltiness (talkin’ ’bout guiltiness) Rests on their conscience. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And they live the lives (they live the lives) Of false pretense everyday – each and everyday. Yeah.These are the big fish Who always try to eat down the small fish, just the small fish. I tell […]

Bob Marley called it long ago: The system we’re caught up in

It’s a Satanic Babylon System Can you believe the power of the message? There are some songs that are just songs, that have no message. Then there are some songs that are virtual sermons set to music.   “Babylon System” We[I] refuse to be What you wanted us to be; We are what we are: […]

They built a world of great confusion

To force on us the devil’s solution “Ride Natty Ride” Rub, rub, rubby-doo-day; Rum-pum-pum a-rum-pum-pum-pum! oo yeah! Dready got a job to do And he’s got to fulfill that mission To see his hurt will be their greatest ambition, yeah! But-a we will survive in this world of competition, ‘Cause no matter what they do […]

THIS IS NOT AMERICA — In Search of Black Assassins

by princeray   […] On May 11, 2018, flipping channels on the idiot box I came across and watched the evening DON LEMON, CNN TONIGHT and an entire line of hosts of Negro bootlickers discuss racism in America, then Childish Gambino/ Donald Glover’s “This is America” music video that went viral on the internet. Don Lemon is openly gay. And, CNN’s on-air personnel haven’t been shy about their open advocacy […]

Michael Jackson’s anti-racism dance

You can bet the Panther he’s alluding to is not T’Challa Well,  oh shoot. Right? I was going to post this as a comment to this post but then I saw mention of  a black panther as Michael goes on a rampage about America’s racism, and decided it deserves a post of its own. Childish Gambino […]

This is America

Lyrics: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, go, go away Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, go, go away Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, go, go away Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, go, go away We just wanna party Party just for you We just […]

Keep on pushing (corrected lyrics)

Keep on pushing Keep on pushing I’ve got to keep on pushing (mmm-hmm) I can’t stop now Move up a little higher Some way, somehow Cause I’ve got my strength And it don’t make sense Not to keep on pushin’ [Chorus] Hallelujah, hallelujah Keep on pushin’ Now maybe some day I’ll reach that higher goal […]

Rap: Before the dirty controllers got a hold of it

The Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (Original Extended Full Version) (1979 HQ)