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The Covid-19 crisis as a religious war

“This is a religious war.”  “In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist, from a virtuous society that punishes evildoers to the impious and wicked society that punishes the good.” Archbishop Vigano — Reset is Advent of Satan — **** The pseudo-pandemic gives us the […]

Mad billionaire wants to block out the sun

You *CAN* Make This Up Bill Gates Is LITERALLY Going To BLOCK THE SUN in June!!

Lockdown One Year On – It doesn’t work, it never worked & it wasn’t supposed to work — The Most Revolutionary Act

Kit Knightly Offguadian Light up the lone candle on the saddest birthday cake in the world! The most destructive public policy of the century is growing up and doesn’t look like slowing down. And so we come to March 23rd, and lockdown’s first birthday. Or, as we call it here, the longest two weeks in […] […]

On 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-NATO Attack on Libya: Powerful Perpetrators Have Yet to Face Justice — Global Research

By Jeremy Kuzmarov On this day ten years ago, the Obama administration launched air strikes over Libya under the banner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which culminated in the killing of Libya’s long-time ruler Muammar Qaddafi on October 21, 2011. The bombing was presented to the public as a moral imperative that was necessary to stop […]

After a Year Under Lockdown, Will Our Freedoms Survive the Tyranny of COVID-19? — John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

by John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney “The remedy is worse than the disease.”—Francis Bacon One way or another, the majority of Americans will survive COVID-19. It remains to be seen, however, whether our freedoms will survive the tyranny of the government’s heavy-handed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, now that the government has gotten a […]

Putin’s Killer Response

By Finian Cunningham March 22, 2021 “Information Clearing House” – – “Sputnik” –  US President Joe Biden’s attempted slander against Russian leader Vladimir Putin – calling him a “killer” – was not only disgraceful. It was also very stupid.  Such foul-mouth conduct betrays the American leader as having no class whatsoever. It demeans oneself and it tarnishes the supposed […]

Top Eight COVID Lies — Waking Times

Dr. Mercola, GuestWaking Times Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, a general practitioner in Cheshire, England, and the author of three books, including “Statin Nation,” has made it his mission to add some balance to the widespread fear-mongering that occurs at the hands of the health care lobby and media. “In a world where the truth can be,… Top […]

John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal — Global Research

With humor, cheek, and audacity, Magufuli had crossed a line—exposing the fraud and illegitimacy of the PCR testing apparatus that the WHO relied on to justify the global lockdown, the terror, and the vaccine rollouts. The post John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal appeared first… John […]

COVID 19 CRISIS […] Tanzania’s president, John Magufuli , one of Africa’s most prominent Covid-19 deniers, has died after a two-week absence from public life.Magufuli’s death was announced on Wednesday 17 March 2021 by the country’s vice-president Samia Suluhu, who said the president died of heart failure. He was 61. ‘John Magufuli, President of Tanzania, had his office […]

Never lockdowns, Never again: Introduction to the Portuguese/Brazilian Edition of Liberty or Lockdown

Jeffrey A. Tucker  This is the introduction to the Brazilian edition of Liberty or Lockdown. As I write, and much to my astonishment and sadness, the world is still in chains. These chains have been created by governments. They bind their citizens’ choices and actions in the name of virus control. I had expected the folly […]