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REVIEW: Israel, a Beachhead… — OffGuardian

Philip Roddis This book is a timely response to three groups: Those yet to grasp that Israel in its current form is an outrage comparable to apartheid South Africa; Those who recognise this truth but fail (as had many sincere opponents of apartheid) to see the bigger picture of a Faustian bargain with Western elites;… via […]

No Consequences: Hollywood Billionaire Openly Spied for Israel, Stole Nuclear Secrets — Russia Insider Daily Headlines

Back in the spring I wrote about coming across the name Arnon Milchan by chance on a movie credit while flying from Venice to Washington. Milchan, some might recall, is a Hollywood billionaire movie producer born in Israel, well known for such films as Pretty Woman and Bohemian Rhapsody. He is less well known for […]

EPSTEIN, TRUMP, 9 11 — Aangirfan

…Above we see Jeffrey Epstein’s girl Nadia Marcinko (Nada Marcinkova) landing at Teterboro airport in New Jersey.Teterboro airport played a role in CIA renditions and in 9 11Teterboro AirportAre people going to be allowed to criticise the Zionist elite?Here is a bill that was recently signed into law by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis:Under this legislation,… via […]

A Secret Meeting to Plot War? — Global Research

  Who is representing the American people in this secret conclave with pro-Israel groups? By Philip Giraldi On June 5, 16 heads of Jewish organizations joined 25 Democratic senators in a private meeting, which, according to the Times of Israel, is an annual event. All of the Jewish organizations but one were openly declared advocates for Israel […]

How Israel Censors the Internet — The Vineyard of the Saker

The Vineyard of the Saker The good folks at “If Americans Knew” have posted this excellent video which I am happily re-posting today, especially since my latest article debunking Israeli propaganda “Debunking the rumors about Russia caving in to Israel” has generated an exceptionally hysterical reaction from the hasbarahshniks who have flooded the blog and […]


  FAKE HOLOCAUST Aangirfan “Russia, America and Britain, collaborated together at Nuremberg to fabricate the horror-illusion, which would enable the US/UK to gain the post-war moral high ground, even after incinerating the German cities with two million tons of bombs. “People were loath to believe that such a thing could have happened – until maybe after Iraq, […]

“Rise and Kill First.” – The Secret Israeli Worldwide Assassination Program. — Global Research

By Brett Redmayne-Titley “It made no difference which Palestinians we killed… They either were terrorists or would become terrorists or they gave birth to terrorists.”  – former IDF commander, Rafael “ Raful” Eitan. Spies,  Femme fatale, deadly plots, killings, bombs, knives, guns, and an array of unique murderous weaponry that would make James Bond and “Q” envious. All this, […]