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Things are sizzling now: What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?

Remember around this time last year? I was over at Abagond’s predicting Russiagate’s evolution into Obamagate. I cited Pat Buchanan: For what benign purpose would U.S. intelligence agents spread secrets damaging to their own president – to foreign regimes? Is this not disloyalty? Is this not sedition? On Jan. 12, writes Henninger, the Times “reported that […]

Obama spell broken? I don’t think so

Black people still don’t comprehend the extent of the betrayal. That leads to warped mythologizing and false beliefs. Blacks will likely be under that spell for a long time. Validating a fraud into posterity. I usually agree with Glen Ford. Not here. The spell is not over. Most white Americans bought into the lie because […]

MLK dream, Obama myth

That seems to be the underlying assertion of these black achievement celebrations. That Obama’s administration was a victory for black people. I say no! That’s a myth. Kill it before it grow.

Obama’s double standard

Former president Obama, who scorned the young people in the streets after the police murder of Freddie Gray warmly praised the young protesters against gun violence in Florida as ‘leading the way for all of us.’

The Obama Presidency

The Obama Presidency Gets Some Early High Historiography by Paul Street Julian Zelizer, ed., The Presidency of Barack Obama: A First Historical Assessment (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, March 13, 2018). The Old Over the New Professional historians are a conservative crew (with a nice number of great exceptions)  for the most part – in […]

Kim Dotcom Goes Scorched Earth On Obama, Hillary and the Deep State For Destroying Civil Liberties in the United States

by Joshua Caplan On Sunday, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom accused former president Barack Obama, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Deep State of bankrupting the U.S. of its civil liberties.  “The deep state favored a Clinton presidency because CIA & NSA powers massively expanded under Democrat leadership. They had laxity and wanted to maintain […]

Obama’s portrait: Made in China?