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Obama Admin Purged 12 Years of ICE Speeches on Immigration Crisis Hours Before Trump Inauguration — Global Research  Hours before President Trump took office, the Obama administration scrambled to purge 12 years worth of transcripts spanning hundreds of speeches from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website, according to the Daily Caller‘s Jason Hopkins. An […]

Obama Spied on Other Republicans and Democrats As Well — O Society

by Larry Johnson Sic Semper Tyrannis edited by O Society June 6, 2019 Do not focus on July 2016 as the so-called start of the counter intelligence investigation of Donald Trump. That is a lie. We know, thanks to the work of Judicial Watch, that the FBI had signed up Christopher Steele as a Confidential […] […]

In the post-Obama era

Corporate Media Cold Warriors Smear Sanders and Gabbard as Traitors to Empire Danny Haiphong   […] The legacy of the Black liberation movement helped establish Black America as the most pro-peace constituency in the United States. As Black Agenda Report’s Executive Editor Glen Ford notes, Black G.I.s and military officers resisted efforts to put down the […]

(Reprise) Obama’s biggest lie?

OPINION: The Current Big Lie Is — — Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Big Lie today is as enormous as, and potentially far more harmful than, any Big Lie throughout history has been; and, it will be exposed fully here, and will be documented even more fully, by means of the links that […]

Barack Obama: Portrait of a fraud

Barack Obama : The Privledged Barry Soetoro you never knew about (Sept 19, 2012)

Barack Obama: Master bullshitter

Ilhan Omar Blasts Obama for “Caging of Kids” and “Getting Away With Murder” Overseas — The Anti-Media

(ZH) — Buried near the end of a Friday Politico article on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her polarizing impact on the Democratic party is a stunning comment by the Minnesota Democrat; former president Obama’s “hope and change” was nothing more than a mirage. As she saw it, the party ostensibly committed to progressive values had […]