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Richard Milhous Obama

One difference. You’ll never hear Obama use that last line.

The Emergence of the Black Political Class and the Demobilization of Black America

Bruce A. Dixon We should remember that in 1966 there were fewer than 10 blacks in Congress, and only a smattering of local officials and state legislators. There were a handful of black generals and diplomats, and damn few black faces high on the corporate track or in elite higher education. All that changed rapidly after […]

Chris Hedges Calling All Rebels!

War without End Via: Guardian: That the Obama administration is now repeatedly declaring that the “war on terror” will last at least another decade (or two) is vastly more significant than all three of this week’s big media controversies (Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DOJ) combined. The military historian Andrew Bacevich has spent years warning that US policy planners have […]

Holder’s Justice

Before Attorney General Eric Holder oversaw a Justice Department that secretly seized AP journalists’ phone records, he was guilty of something even worse, and closely related to the AP scandal. He argued a little-known case before the Supreme Court called Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, which found that speech (and other forms of nonviolent advocacy) […]

Obama Administration Claims Power to Wage Endless War Across the Globe:

“Astoundingly Disturbing” SEN. ANGUS KING: You guys have essentially rewritten the Constitution here today.

Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba

Palestinians Mark 65th Nakba Anniversary There can be absolutely no doubt that Israel has created an inhuman, illegal and utterly disgraceful Apartheid state, and the international community will never be able to excuse itself if it takes no action against this blatant, ongoing and in-plain-sight crime against humanity. — Anthony Lawson (Narrator and Producer) Please join […]

Obama and civil liberties

The major sea change in media discussions of Obama and civil liberties | Glenn Greenwald During the Bush years, it was conservatives who supported the Bush DOJ and Alberto Gonzales’ threats against the press on national security grounds; now, defenders of such threats to press freedoms are found almost exclusively from progressive circles (similarly, many of the most vicious […]

Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants

Parents Are Potential Terrorists

Last week I had a policeman draw his weapon on me in my own backyard on an erroneous report of domestic violence at my address. Seems we are all in the cross-hairs of the police state. Police Practice for Gunbattle with… ‘Angry Parents at a School’ Via: KOMO Repost by MoxNews: and Related: Dad Who Died During Arrest […]