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How the Left Killed the Anti-War Movement

  Kurt Nimmo Once the home of the anti-war movement, under Barack Obama the Left advocated a continuation of war and mass murder by using the political expediency of humanitarian interventionism. In this episode of The Geopolitical report, we unpack how establishment Democrats have continued the wars begun by President George W. Bush and expanded […]

A Family Business of War

Maintaining the World Order via A Very Heavy Agenda Pt. 3 (Trailer) — Political Film Blog

USA is an empire -and empires never have enough

Bush Military Official: The Empire’s Ship is Sinking // Empire_File013

War for Securing Employment

Putin’s Question and the Ambassador’s Answer by JOYCE NELSON Apparently, they (the defense industry, Wall Street, private shareholders, think tanks like the Brookings Institution, Pentagon commanders, the One Percent, etc.) want this ISIS conflict to last a very long time A fascinating, if brief, verbal exchange recently took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and […]

The Video the Pentagon Does Not Want You to SEE! This is literally the video the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see. After watching this vide you won’t look at the war propaganda pushed by the government the same way ever again. The invasion of Iraq was illegal, and immoral. The first step in fixing the mistakes that were made is admitting that mistakes […]

America the Ugly

A View From the Other 96%  by DavidSwanson Exposing Lies of Empire by Andre Vltchek is an 800-page tour of the world between 2012 and 2015 without a Western tour guide. It ought to make you spitting-mad furious, then grateful for the enlightenment, and then ready to get to work. The 4% of us humans […]

Memorial Day Is A Hoax

Paul Craig Roberts Memorial Day commemorates soldiers killed in war. We are told that the war dead died for us and our freedom. US Marine General Smedley Butlerchallenged this view. He said that our soldiers died for the profits of the bankers, Wall Street, Standard Oil, and the United Fruit Company. Here is an excerpt […]