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The American public stands behind its war criminals

Eric Zuesse The first even marginally trustworthy poll of American “registered voters” regarding the April 14th U.S.-and-allied missiles-invasion of Syria, shows an overwhelming 66% supporting the invasion (36% “Strongly” and 30% “Somewhat), and only 23% opposing (8% “Strongly” and 11% “Somewhat”). […] Poll-findings like this implicate the American public, and not only the American government, in […]

QOTD: Stop the insane fools

Beyond impeachment, it’s time to reconstitute something like the Nuremberg Tribunal and give it teeth. I personally oppose the death penalty, but if it is a deterrent to retail murder, presumably it would also deter mass murder in the form of wars of aggression. These people won’t stop committing these crimes on their own. They […]

Paul Craig Roberts’ Portrait of Dystopic America

Once Upon A Time Long Ago Truth Was Important Paul Craig Roberts I wonder how many people, not just Americans but those in other countries, have come to the conclusion that the United States today is a less free and less aware society than the societies in the dystopian novels of the 20th century or […]

On The Threshold of War — Paul Craig Roberts —

On The Threshold of War Paul Craig Roberts “The Russian view is simple: the West is ruled by a gang of thugs supported by an infinitely lying and hypocritical media while the general public in the West has been hopelessly zombified.” — The Saker “The US generals, unlike the US politicians and media and US… […]

We will have to fight these fools to keep them from blowing us all up

Going Down With the Bad Ship U.S.A. Glen Ford   There is no mystery to the ideological collapse of U.S. ruling class politics under late stage capitalism and imperial decline. Simply put, the corporate duopoly parties have nothing to offer the masses of people except unrelenting austerity at home and endless wars abroad. A shrunken […]

The Fools on the Hill: From M.A.D. to Madness

Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington?  Paul Craig Roberts Stephen Lendman agrees that the murderous criminals in Washington are driving humanity to extinction. Because of the control over explanations that people in the Western world receive, most are unaware of the mounting danger. In the past few days extreme and serious threats have been issued […]

Why We Must Protect the World from the United States

Why We Must Protect the World from the United States Ajamu Baraka   Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated the obvious: The United States was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. He also said the public allowing this violence would lead to a kind of national spiritual death that would […]