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Chuck Norris Says “Wake Up”

SKY CRIMINALS: Chuck Norris Publishes Another Chemtrails Wakeup Call ___________ Note:  Chuck Norris does not talk about directed energy working with metallic aerosols to weaponize the weather. His somewhat naïve view of the overall operation to produce climate change and surface warming is likely due the intense secrecy and disinfo propaganda related to this operation by people we should be […]

Prince’s philanthropy

Former Nixon Aide Admits War On Drugs Was A Big Lie; Was Never About Drugs

By Brandon Turbeville In an interview conducted by Harper’s Dan Baum nearly 22 years ago, former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman admitted what many have known ever since the beginning – that the Nixon administrations’ War On Drugs was a giant lie. To clarify, it was not Nixon’s police state that was a lie. […]

QOTD: U.S. government sullies the name of Harriet Tubman

The U.S. government sullies the name of the great freedom fighter Harriet Tubman by putting her picture on its foul currency. “Not only has her name been ruined by a dubious connection with the dollar that kept her captive, but she will share this ‘honor’ with Andrew Jackson, enslaver and Indian killer.” No Black person […]

Obama Gives a “Green Light” to the “Heroin Epidemic” —

Barack Obama ended opium eradication efforts in Afghanistan in 2009, effectively green lighting Afghan opium production and the Afghan heroin trade. By 2010, all US efforts to eradicate Afghan opium ceased. It has been US policy to allow Afghan opium growing and the heroin trade since. US heroin deaths tripled from 3,036… via Obama Gives a […]

Death of a Prince: The ‘Agency System’ Back Story That Has Never Been Told

TMR  What you are about to read represents the very cornerstone of control of American society. There is a pervasive and profound celebrity culture that has been quite fastidiously cultivated over many decades throughout the entire nation.  In fact the American celebrity culture serves as the template that has been duplicated around the planet, so […]

Prince Was A Humanitarian Who Secretly Donated Money To Trayvon Martin’s Family — Counter Current News

With the recent death of musical genius Prince, a number of private stories have been coming out about the artist’s humanitarian deeds. One of those accounts is of Prince’s behind-the-scenes donation to the family of Trayvon Martin. Rev. Al Sharpton said Thursday that he received a surprise phone call from the singer after the 2012 […]

Obama and the rape of Libya

Was Libya a Mistake or a Planned Imperialist Catastrophe? by Danny Haiphong “Libya was handed over to a consortium of terrorists and pro-imperialist reactionaries who have since gutted the economy.” To this day, most people in the US know little about Washington’s key role in the destabilization of Libya. When the US-NATO alliance launched a combined […]

Obama’s benign neglect

Three-quarters of a decade after the global economic crisis, the Obama administration decided to grant debt relief to Americans whose home values plummeted after financial markets were tanked by Wall Street.