Abagond lies

It’s easy to criticize me when I am not around to defend myself. You Abagond sheep should come here and tell me to my face that I’m batshit crazy. I doubt that you will because obviously it would not go so well for you on my home turf. But the invitation stands.

Here is another Abagond lie. He claims that I am trying to bring down his blog. Not so. But I will be calling him a liar from this vantage point until he apologizes for his slander. That of course will be always because he never will apologize. It is impossible for such people to admit that they are wrong. If he considers my defense of my integrity against his gratuitous and unfounded slander  an effort to take down his blog, that’s his problem.

I was waiting last month to hear his conclusion from the letter he said  he wrote to himself, scheduled to appear on January third. It was supposedly in order to give himself  some distance from the elevated political heat of the moment half a year ago when all of this went down. But I don’t see it. I guess he was lying again.

I’m a fair man, Abagond. Want me to stop calling you a liar and take you off of my radar completely? Then apologize. Short of that there will be more posts like this periodically  at Aisle C. I forgive but only after apology. I never forget.


It is possible I made a mistake in banning one or both of them, but if so I am unlikely to see that until I have gained some distance from the event, maybe in like in six months to a year. Right now I am too caught up in the moment.

So the best thing is to move on and review the matter in six months. I am writing myself a letter which is scheduled to appear on January 3rd 2018.


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