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The Political Economy of Obama/Trump

The Political Economy of Obama/Trump by Richard D. Wolff US capitalism is again careening down blind alleys. Earlier it had crashed into the Great Depression from 1929 to 1933 before lurching into the New Deal. After 1945 it concentrated on rolling back the New Deal until it turned sharply to neoliberalism and “globalism” in the […]

Rap battle of the century! Trump vs Eminem

I hate to see these two fall out. Especially after Donald Trump endorsed Eminem for president.

US foreign policy for the New Cold War: From M.A.D. to madness

by David William Pear, September 24, 2017 “if you have nukes, never give them up–if you don’t have them, get them”. —Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence. Those were the words of President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, about the lessons taught from the U.S. destruction of Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. That […] […]

Is Donald Trump playing the HAARP?

by Prince Ray DONALD J. DRUMPF- SON OF WOTAN On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Old Angel Heart– U.S. President select Donald J. Drumpf addressed the United Nations, and the reviews are mixed. He talked about doomsday, groom; and the U.S. blatant slaughter and overkill of a significant number of people of color, the Asian Korean people, for a […]

Freedom Rider: Trump and America are White Supremacist

Freedom Rider: Trump and America are White Supremacist Margaret Kimberley, “The system allows every white person to be a supremacist as they carry out their daily lives.” In recent days a foolish controversy has swirled regarding president Donald Trump. At issue is whether or not he can be labeled a white supremacist. There is no […]


Questioning Trump’s Fitness to Serve — Stephen Lendman

Questioning Trump’s Fitness to Serve by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) He’s America’s latest warrior president, escalating long ago lost war in Afghanistan the latest example, waged for lots of reasons besides unattainable winning, discussed in previous articles. He serves wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively, promises otherwise exposed by his agenda. […]