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  Stiglitz Trump’s economy is an absolute disaster according to Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz  of Columbia University. According to Stiglitz – 1. US life expectancy, already relatively low, fell in each of the first two years of Trump’s presidency. In 2017, midlife mortality reached its highest rate since World War II. Millions have lost their health insurance coverage, […]

Passing the Point of No Return, Is A World War Upon Us? — Global Research

War is inevitable. More innocent people will be murdered, maimed, raped or sold into slavery. War is indescribable, a nightmare, yet those who are currently in power, the establishment or what some like to call “the elite” are on Trump’s … The post Passing the Point of No Return, Is A World War Upon Us?… via […]

Dear America, Assassinating Foreign Leaders is an Act of War — The Anti-Media

By Philip Giraldi / Creative Commons / Strategic Culture Forget about obstruction of justice and collusion with foreigners: Assassination is the real deal. […] The difference in what the White House has done now is that another page has been turned in the process of the United States going completely rogue. It all started when George W. Bush warned that “you’re […]

Zionism is killing America

Trump & Netanyahu Nearly Start WWIII with Iran Over Soleimani Slaying

Trump Kills #1 Enemy Of Isis In Iran, WTF?


Russiagate morphs into Obamagate

Given what I had seen in November 2016 and early 2017, I thought this would have happened much sooner. (See my debate with the Abagondites.) Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama — Strategic Culture Foundation by Eric Zuesse Former US President Barack Obama is now in severe legal jeopardy, because the Russiagate investigation has turned 180 […]

ABOVE TOP SECRET, ‘EYES ONLY’: What Does Trump Know?, ‘Space Force’, ‘MJ12’ & Nikola Tesla’s Missing Papers (Archive) — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…It directly links the institution where Professor Trump worked, with secret government studies of the Roswell UFO Crash. Given Trump’s expertise in high voltage radiation and Van de Graaff generators, his 1943 role in evaluating Tesla’s personal papers and work for classified US government programs during World War II, it is […] […]