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Chemwatch: The engineered snowstorm of February 2021

As this area emerged from a week of ice and snow, after the snows had just about melted away, I spotted in the night sky one long massive chemtrail, barely visible due to the darkness of the sky. It seemed to me, though I cannot say for sure, that it hung much lower in the […]

Can the Government Control the Weather?

The Dimming, Film Preview (Geoengineering Watch Dane Wigington )

Sublimation and Desublimation! Phase Changes within the Troposphere! — Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

Sublimation and Desublimation! Phase Changes within the Troposphere! Water for Fracking and Farming! by Enkidu Gilgamesh CONTENT Introduction Condensation without dust! Consequences of TSRWM Desublimation by Aviation! Strange extreme weather of Arabia! .1. Introduction Some basic knowledge is required for understanding methods of Climate Geoengineering. Most people may not be aware how important this simple knowledge is, […]

Los Angeles, a Major Chemtrail attack, Is This How They Plan To Take Us All Out? — Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

Veterans Today Is this how they’re planning to take us all out?   A great means of spreading bio-engineered weapons? Los Angeles, CA is under attack again. Read below the article below,  that more than 20,000 plus people have already read, along with related stories,  to better understand the Monsters who are behind it all. Photos from […]

I see C-17s

  I Wrote This a Few Years Ago The thing is, I have seen these planes flying low over the city, and even taking off from the municipal airport about five miles east of my location. I thought that was strange. I would have thought military planes would only land at military bases. I suspected […]

Climate and the “Little Green Women and Men” — Global Research

The Little Green Women and Men (LGWM) are us, humanoids, especially those living in the west, believing we command Mother Earth. Well, no wonder, there is a group among us, who claims to be “God’s Chosen People” – and they act it all the way. So much so, that they and their influence on LGWMs, […]

GEO-ENGINEERING: Still Think There’s No Such Thing as Weather Modification & Manipulation? — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…Under Teramobile, a French-German collaboration of CNRS in France and DFG in Germany that involves five research institutes. By firing an ultrashort, ultra-intense laser into the sky, they are investigating nonlinear propagation of such femtosecond terawatt laser pulses over long distances in the atmosphere and their application to atmospheric research. The […] […]

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Posted on December 27, 2015 by State of the Nation Nonstop Chemical Geoengineering Has Pushed the Planet into Climate Chaos 2015 Set to be One of the Hottest on Record Because of the Intensified Chemtrail Operations Worldwide Warmest December in memory was deliberately manufactured to coincide with the historic U.N. Climate Conference in Paris   State of the […]

Putin Warns: Western Governments Are Destroying The Planet With Chemtrails For Control And Profit-VIDEO

By Medeea Greere Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western governments of geo-manipulation of the Earth’s environment through chemical spraying operations designed to alter the world’s climate and poison the population. Russia’s Premier was made the statements whilst speaking at a fundraising event and claimed that the spraying of chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere […]