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Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes The Elite – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard – Part 1

(The most powerful part, the part I want to highlight begins 23:00. Ed.} Advertisements

Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead

Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead by Baxter Dmitry – New Punch Ronald Bernard, the elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry Illuminati in a series of TV interviews, has been found dead in Florida. He was 61. Bernard, who was 61-year-old, had been living in Sebring, Florida for the past year after marrying an […]

If this is true and not Internet BS, the US is not a country. It is a cesspool. —

If this is true and not Internet BS, the US is not a country. It is a cesspool. Brad Pitt: ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’ Where are the investigative reporters? If these stories are false, they need to be exposed as false. If they are true, then Americans are “the exceptional, indispensable people”… via […]

10 Reasons the World is Ruled by MKultra Pedos #illuminati

CHEMTRAILS: “WHO” In The World is Spraying Now Revealed UPDATE:  Climate Scientist – Jasper Kirkby – Blows Whistle On Chemtrails  (Source) Michael J Murphy and Barry Kolsky produced two excellent Chemtrails documentaries that attempted to answer two questions: What in the World Are They Spraying and Why in the World Are They Spaying. Although the production of the third documentary has been delayed, […]

The Origin of the Illuminati

Now see? I was not even looking for this, but it found me while I was searching for something else. Here is a history I never knew. Makes me want to read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.  Almost. ROME, GALILEO and the ILLUMINATI Rome – long called the Eternal City – is filled with […]

“They Live!”

I swear. It is December. I don’t think a month has ever sneaked up on me so suddenly. Or the end of a year. I guess that’s what happens –when summer doesn’t quite end. Before the climate change, the end of the year was heralded by cold weather. November, November. How will I remember? A […]