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Spygate Explained

Is Trump Battling The Deep State? (I’m going to say no) Advertisements

It’s a nice day for a white wedding

Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done? I recommend watching the following video with the sound off while listening to the Billy Idol video. It works really well. Let Billy play for about 30 seconds, then start the “Secrets” video. Rock out!!! Hey little sister, what have you done? Hey little sister, who’s the only […]

Browns in America

Abagond avoids including dark skin black Americans in his overview of the notion of race. Much the same as mainstream American magazines do. Race (1774- ) divides humans into some three to seven breeds based on physical features like hair, eyes, nose, and, especially, skin colour. For example: Blacks in the US. In 1985 in the […]

QOTD: I will never support such evil men

I want you all to remember this. Obama, a Democrat, and Trump, a Republican, both of these men, ordered the unconstitutional murders of American children, American citizens. No trial. Nothing. And I will never support such evil men. via The US Government Is Assassinating American Citizens (Video) — Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond


This is why I like AIM4Truth. I will certainly be looking for more info on this. I want to know who these chemtrail bastards are. AIM4Truth Joe nailed this image for Serco Awareness Month! This is exactly who is behind the human spraying project – SERCO – which we track back to the Queen’s Golden […]

500 Years of Nakbas

500 Years of Nakbas Glen Ford “The Palestinians face the last bastion of legalized racial rule on the planet.” The great nakba, or “catastrophe,”began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus proclaimed the lands of the “Indies” for Spain. Within half a century of his voyage, 95 percent of the inhabitants of the America’s had been killed by […]

How Democracy Ended — Washington’s Blog

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at What killed democracy was constant lying to the public, by politicians whose only way to win national public office has been to represent the interests of the super-rich at the same time as publicly promising to represent the interests of the public — “and may the better liar win!”… via […]