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Protest and Power

Protest and Power Glen Ford Building People’s Power is the vital arena of struggle under late stage capitalism, when the “system” is not only objectively failing, but the people know it is coming apart at the seams. The most widespread protests since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated – and by far the most ethnically diverse […]

Freedom Rider: Russia, Afghanistan, and the Big Lie

Freedom Rider: Russia, Afghanistan, and the Big Lie Margaret Kimberley Far from being an enemy, Russia assisted the U.S. and its coalition in their fight against the Taliban. There is no end to the Russiagate fraud. All major charges have been disproved. No one was convicted of the dreaded “collusion” that was reported endlessly for […]

Neo-Blacks: In GOP we trust

American Intelligence Media Citizens Addicted to Trump [American Intelligence Media: Insulting Neo-Blacks while simultaneously co-opting them] . The Systemic Racism Myth . The Hodge Twins remind us just how stupid Elizabeth Warren is. Just wait to see what information warriors will do to Fauxcahontas if she runs as Joe’s sidekick. . .   Cat Report

Time to Sharpen Our Weapons and Wits

Time to Sharpen Our Weapons and Wits Glen Ford […] For four decades, Black America was stalled in a political dead zone in which the only sustained politics was that which took place in the Democratic Party half of the corporate duopoly. As servants of forces hostile to Black people, Black politicians consistently acted against […]

The Democratic Party Always Runs Away —

The Democratic Party Always Runs Away By William D. Mitchell Below are the brief stories of three recent times in history when the Democratic Party stood on the verge of upholding a progressive and positive vision for the country, and instead, deliberately chose the more fearful and reactionary path. These instances are admittedly painted… via The […]

Bernie Sanders: A teachable moment declined

Glen Ford  Sanders bowed out of the race the minute his momentum stalled, at the very same time that the greatest combined health and economic calamity in U.S. history was gripping the nation by the throat – a teaching moment if one ever existed, if health care and economic inequality were really Sanders’ top priority. […]

Sanders Endorses Biden? It’s Coming…. — Global Research

By Stephen Lendman You heard it here first. No, Sanders hasn’t formally endorsed Biden yet, but make no mistake. It’s coming — guaranteed, maybe before month’s end. Just like he endorsed legally challenged war criminal, racketeer, perjurer Hillary, a Biden endorsement is virtually … […] There’s nothing in place now or will there be if Sanders […]

Joe Biden is a decent guy

Bernie Must Call Out Biden In Next Debate!  

Alas poor Bernie

The Corporations and Their Media Strangled Bernie, and Older Black Voters Tied the Knot Glen Ford […]Blacks circle their wagons around the Democratic establishment, perceiving it as the only refuge from Donald Trump and his marauding White Man’s Party. […] Black people don’t vote their own political convictions in Democratic primaries; they give their votes […]

The One-Choice Election — Truthdig RSS

“Take to the streets and tear the house down” Chris Hedges There is only one choice in this election. The consolidation of oligarchic power under Donald Trump or the consolidation of oligarchic power under Joe Biden. The oligarchs, with Trump or Biden, will win again. We will lose. The oligarchs made it abundantly clear, should […]