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Trump’s war against the media continues

Trump’s war against the media continues By Jon Rappoport Those who thought Trump would back off in his war against media are, so far, wrong. For example, the other day, the White House held an informal press conference, a “gaggle,” and among those not invited was the New York Times. —How dare they, the Times […] […]

Breaking: Infowars and Natural News under attack

Breaking: Infowars and Natural News under attack by Jon Rappoport February 22, 2017 Alex Jones’ and Mike Adams’ are both under attack. Infowars has been dropped by its ad platform provider —, which spreads ads for Infowars products to many, many media outlets. Last year, that ad operation accounted for more than […] […]

Out like Flynn

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned on February 13 after The Washington Post printed an alleged US intelligence insider’s leak of a phone conversation he had before taking office with a Russian ambassador (analysis here, here, here). Such a leak is a federal felony. Four bullet points of the timeline, then analysis on each point:… via […]

Chemtrail spray patterns +more proof of spraying +cirrious clouds

2/13/17 Back to that old familiar pattern. Extensive chemtrailing this morning. Ceasing by noon, except for what I call touch up trails. The sky is amazingly clear, after this morning’s bombardment. Some light clouds on the horizons, but of course the sky is pale. Apparently the morning trails serve to  lay a film of particulates […]

John Pilger on the mythologising of Obama’s presidency (before and after) — Taking Sides

Originally posted on wall of controversy: Before: “America is an ideology that is unique because its main feature is its denial that it is an ideology. It’s both conservative and it’s liberal. And it’s right, and it’s left. And Barack Obama is its embodiment.” This is the assessment of John Pilger taken from a speech… via […]

How the Left Killed the Anti-War Movement

  Kurt Nimmo Once the home of the anti-war movement, under Barack Obama the Left advocated a continuation of war and mass murder by using the political expediency of humanitarian interventionism. In this episode of The Geopolitical report, we unpack how establishment Democrats have continued the wars begun by President George W. Bush and expanded […]

9/11 Mastermind’s Letter to Obama: Here’s Why We Attacked America

Carey Wedler (ANTIMEDIA) When Barack Obama was still in office, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, penned a letter to him. Though a judge recently ruled that letter could be sent to the White House before the outgoing president left office, the contents were to be withheld from the public […]

Today I saw two curious sights +extensive chemtrailing +trails of different color +that old familiar pattern

2/7/17 So, there has been moderate to heavy chemtrail spray the past couple of weeks. The classic crisscross pattern reappeared, after what seems like months of sporadic light spraying. Granted, I have not been paying close attention, but I had seen very little chemtrailing until recent weeks. Moderately heavy chemtrail days were alternated with overcast […]

How Do People Work For The Illuminati Without Knowing It? – David Icke