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Police Take Down Belligerent White Guy with Gun

Another jay walking tragedy  Hullabaloo by digby Well, no actually. In fact, this story is about an armed, belligerent jay-walker cursing police and daring them to shoot him. And guess what? They didn’t. In fact, they were patient and respectful and used psychology to talk him down. Of course, he was a middle aged white man. […]

Video: The Incredible Folding President

Arrested Legal Observer: Ferguson a ‘Pilot Program’ for When Communities Respond to Police Brutality

By: Kevin Gosztola The National Lawyers Guild had legal observers on the ground in Ferguson to monitor protests against the killing of unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. They were also present to help with jail support for community residents. But, while working, four of the NLG’s observers fell […]

Earliest UFO Sightings from Ancient Egypt to the Renaissance

  UFO Sightings In Ancient Egypt, Rome, And The Middle Ages From Frances Fontaine <>1-26-01 Excerpted from Reader’s Digest “Mysteries of the Unexplained”Pages 207-209. One of the first written accounts of a UFO sighting – a fleet of flying saucers, perhaps – is the following excerpt from an Egyptian papyrus – part of the annals of […]

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders Condone Gaza Genocide

Liberals’ darling Elizabeth Warren defends Israeli attacks on Gaza schools and hospitals Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) (Reuters / Joshua Roberts) Israel has the right to shell Palestinian hospitals and schools out of self defense as long as Hamas stores rocket launchers next to them, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren said during a town hall meeting in […]

Saudi Arabia Beheads At Shocking Rate & Why We Look The Other Way

The Perfidy of the Black Misleadership Class

Black Folks are Going Nowhere Until We Discard the Misleadership Class by  Glen Ford “They are the perfect – and well-trained – junior partners to the racist regime’s counter-insurgency hammer.” They emerged like mosquitoes after a rain: the accommodators, self-servers and Democratic Party agents of corporate power, performing their time-honored ritual to deflate and divert […]