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Cloudy +Rain +Sinusitis +More Rain +Pale Sky

It didn’t rain a whole lot overnight but it did give the grass a good watering. Clouds are breaking up this morning. I predict that when they part I will see chemtrails streaming above them. 1:00 PM. 9/1/12 Well, I was almost right. As the clouds parted I didn’t see chemtrails. Not in the making. […]

Heavy chemtrailing ahead of weather fronts

Chemtrails this morning. Already spreading into a filmy webbing by the time I got out around 9 or 10. Still got this noxious sinus headache. And, up until this year, this was unusual for me. Now? Let me check… Oh yeah. Overcast. It’s beginning to sprinkle. Hurricane Isaac is pushing rain this way. Interesting that  weatherwars shows chemtrails being […]

Something’s in the Air

Yeah the sticky stuff is on much of the foliage. Not so much on the west side of the yard, where there is more tree covering. This is a telling clue. Foliage under tree covering not as covered by the glistening specks. This suggests that if this is the residue of sprayed aerosols, the fact […]


I have noticed that some of the foliage and saplings lining the driveway is withered. Some of the leaves are eaten away. The plants seem to be covered with a shiny residue, quite noticeable in the bright morning sun. They seem to be dusted with fine glitter. Looking closer, these glittering micro-specks stick to the leaves of […]

Explaining the Matrix

Well, I mused the other day: Preoccupied. The system, I have found, is designed to keep you preoccupied. So that you don’t notice the brazen and nefarious things being done by the PTB. What I see is that there is an elite class of people in control of this world and they see the rest […]

Today? Rain +We are living in an aerosol plasma

Didn’t get around to posting this yesterday: Oh yeah. I was up early this morning, as I usually am on Friday; early enough to see the spreading chemtrails that had been laid down before dawn. This is the pattern I’ve noticed: apparent overnight spraying, ceasing in the early morning. The aerosols disperse into an even […]

Managing the Chattel

I haven’t been very sky observant the past couple of days. Preoccupied. But I am beginning to see how all of these things are tied together. My sky. My government. My health. My attention: the fact of my preoccupation. Preoccupation by design. As long as you are preoccupied by imposing and various kinds of enormous […]

Lessons from the US Geo-engineering/ Chemtrails aerosol conference

Just Go Home: Call for a US-Canadian General Strike from Aug 31 to Sep 4   By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri In the name of lasting peace, prosperity, and the very future of all our lives, I am calling for a US-Canadian nations-wide, general STRIKE! We have run out of time. Financially and environmentally, our […]

Ragged edged cumulus clouds? A sign of chemtrails.

Oh yeah, they still spraying. Got some pretty streaky skies this morning, chemtrails spreading into a filmy covering. I imagine that this has been the general protocol this month, as it was throughout most of the summer. Lay down trails in the morning that spread into a thin film throughout the day. The aerosols hang […]

Brave New World Order

So here I am. Probably be meandering daily or thereabouts. A blog is continuity. A good thing to have, every once in a while. A way to keep your finger on the pulse of the netwave. Here the focus, as well as the mode, will be different from Ironymous. Ironymous centered on politics. And I […]