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The Scale of What We’re Up Against — O Society

A giant amount of money is spent trying to convince you to disbelieve obvious truths… by Nathan Robinson edited by O Society September 7, 2019 It can be exhausting to realize just how much money is being spent trying to make the world a worse place to live in. The Koch Brothers are often mentioned as bogeymen, and invoking […]

Trump Bombs New Silk Road with Tariffs

Trump Bombs New Silk Road with Tariffs Glen Ford The real target of Trump’s trade war is not, primarily, the Chinese, but the U.S.-based corporations that spent the last generation outsourcing manufacturing capacity (jobs) to China. Under dumbass cracker Donald Trump the United States is accelerating the process of its own decline even more quickly […]

The Rise of the Corporatocracy — wgrovedotnet

From:Desultory Heroics The Rise of the Corporatocracy Posted on August 12, 2016 by Luther Blissett By Graham Vanbergen Source: The European Financial Review Transnational corporations are wreaking havoc on financial, economic, social and ecological systems in a creeping colonisation of public life where just 147 organisations now controls 40 per cent of global trade. We […]

On Vaccines, Big Pharma, FDA and CDC – ‘Robert Kennedy Jr Transcript’ from May 2019 speech in NY: — The GOLDEN RULE

Courtesy ‘Katie Walker‘ from Facebook. A real education! Bold highlighting is mine, but it is somewhat difficult to refrain from emphasizing it all! RFK Jr is truly one of the greatest heroes of our lifetime. This man has nothing to gain and everything to lose by being brave and speaking truth. 🌟🙌🏼🌟 This speech will […] […]

Trading with the enemy — Brasscheck TV

Nazism is corporatism And it’s not over yet Trading with the enemy… Making money by supporting the enemies of democracy and freedom, an old tradition among America’s elites. Here’s the full story of World War II like you’ve never heard it before. AT&T, Ford, General Motors, IBM, Standard Oil…they were all onboard with the Nazis.… The […]

The War on Dissent

The War on Dissent CJ Hopkins   Just when you thought the corporatocracy couldn’t possibly get more creepily Orwellian, the Twitter Corporation starts sending out emails advising that they “have reason to believe” we have “followed, retweeted,” or “liked the content of” an account “connected to a propaganda effort by a Russia government-linked organization known […]

The prime oligarch

Freedom Rider: Oligarch Jeff Bezos Margaret Kimberle   Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $105 billion and is the richest man in the world. But he is not just the richest man at this moment in history. He is the richest person who has ever lived. As of 2017 he and seven […]