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Photo of the Week: Obama, Who Let Citigroup Staff His First Cabinet, Calls for Voter Solidarity

By Alexander Reed Kelly     President Obama at a Hillary Clinton event in Florida on Friday. (Phelan M. Ebenhack / AP) Every week, Truthdig’s editors seek to present an image that singularly renders the world’s trouble, triumph or toil. “You have a chance to shape history,” President Obama told a crowd of 9,000 people […]

The Real Reason We’re In Syria Is Enraging But Not Surprising

To Protect Weed From Monsanto Patenting, Company Begins Mapping Cannabis Genome — Counter Current News

Portland, OR – A pioneering biotechnology startup has launched an online interactive guide that maps the genetic evolution of the cannabis genome, allowing for specific strains of marijuana that are already in the public domain a form of protection from patenting by large biotech firms such as Monsanto. After two years of collecting samples, sequencing… via […]

The Unwoke: Sleepwalking into the Nightmare — John Steppling | Counterpunch — Taking Sides

OCTOBER 24, 2016 The Unwoke: Sleepwalking into the Nightmare by JOHN STEPPLING “The view that Syria is under attack because it isn’t a western puppet state, and that Washington wants Assad to step down to make it one, cannot be so easily dismissed. There’s plenty of evidence that states that seek to remain independent of […] […]

Dear Mainstream Media

FBI Tried To Warn Us That White Supremacists Had Infiltrated Police Departments Across the U.S. Even 10 Years Ago. But Has Anything Changed? — Counter Current News

Increased attention toward the killing of black men and women by police throughout the past year has ignited national conversations on racism and law enforcement. From Freddie Gray in April 2015 to Deborah Danner — an “emotionally disturbed” woman fatally shot recently this week by an NYPD officer — protests around the country have forced […]

Media Blacks Out Pentagon Report Exposing U.S. Role In ISIS Creation — Counter Current News The report proved that the growth and expansion of ISIS was a direct result of arms being sent by the U.S. to anti-Assad Islamists, with the strategic U.S. intention of toppling the Assad regime in Syria. In a story reverberating across the world, last week award winning journalist and scholar Dr. Nafeez Ahmed exposed startling… […]

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911

Weather Warfare – 5,226 Body Bags to NOLA 11 Days Prior to Katrina —

Whistleblower testimony from the captain who was ordered to bring 5,226 body bags to New Orleans, 11 days prior to Katrina making landfall. Other whistleblower testimony, Kristen Meghan (former U.S. Air Force in Bioenvironmental Engineer) is heard as well as an example of propaganda in media given around the climate engineering issue… Also, we hear […]

CNN cuts Congressman off 3 seconds after he mentions Wikileaks — OffGuardian

Poor CNN seem to be having more technical problems. Here we see Congressman Chris Collins having the satellite feed cut literally only three seconds after he says Wikileaks: CNN have had trouble with their satellite feeds before, their temperamental equipment has cut off reporters who bring up Clinton’s past: …and then prematurely ended interviews with […] […]