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Is the New World Order a Jewish Conspiracy? No, it’s a Satanic Conspiracy — Waking Times

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times AT A GLANCE… THE STORY:For centuries, the idea of a Jewish conspiracy has circulated, due in part to the observable concentration of Jewish power. But is it really Jewish? And how is it related to the ancient New World Order agenda for a centralized totalitarian One World Government? THE IMPLICATIONS:The Satanic,… via […]

The Russia-Israel Spy Scandal Puts Iran in an Uncomfortable Position — Global Research

The arrest of Russian anti-government journalist Yulia Yuzik by the IRGC on suspicion of spying for “Israel” and her subsequently promised release following pressure from Moscow puts Iran in the uncomfortable position of being seen as “compromising” on its ideological … The post The Russia-Israel Spy Scandal Puts Iran in an Uncomfortable Position appeared first… via […]

MOB RULE: ‘Kosher Nostra’, Trump, Likudists & The Israeli-Russian Mafia — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…The Likud Party has, since the mid-90s, been nothing more than a front for the Russian mafia…It took them just a few years to seize power there, which they did by taking over the Likud and killing Yitzhak Rabin to end the peace process. They chose Netanyahu to be their political […] […]

The Epstein Connection to 9-11 — The Most Revolutionary Act

Christopher Bollyn – September 10, 2019 Yitzhak Shamir and Benjamin Netanyahu at the Madrid conference, October 1991. Under pressure from the U.S. to reach a peace settlement with the Palestinians, Shamir created “Mega”, a group of rich American Zionists, to support Israel. Leslie Wexner, a member of Mega, funded Epstein for years. Was Wexner supporting Epstein […]

Israelgate? Trump doesn’t care if Israel spies on his administration

Trump Sweeps Israeli Dragnet Surveillance of Washington DC Under the Rug — The Anti-Media “I don’t think the Israelis are spying on us; I really would find that hard to believe. My relationship with Israel has been great,” Trump told reporters. The culprit behind a massive spying scandal in the U.S. capital has been exposed. […] According to Politico, […]

Putin Endorses Netanyahu for Re-Election; Offers No Objection to Israeli Campaign to Enslave Palestine — Russia Insider Daily Headlines

On Friday afternoon in Sochi, President Vladimir Putin kept Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waiting for three hours, and then publicly endorsed him for re-election. Putin’s endorsement was unconditional: he could have warned against Netanyahu’s election pledge, revealed last week, to annex the West Bank of Palestine, but he didn’t. Putin could have warned against… via […]

COMPLETE LIST OF EXPULSIONS AND PUNISHMENT OF ‘JEWS’ (1,030) (with explanations and sources) — SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

Posted by lordmolyneaux COMPLETE LIST OF EXPULSIONS AND PUNISHMENT OF ‘JEWS’ (1,030) (with explanations and sources) Posted by lordmolyneaux 1,200 B.C. – Egypt – ’Jews’ Expelled for having leprosy and causing various seditions/rebellions throughout Egypt, including helping the Hyksos gain … Continue reading → via — SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary