I probably should have warned about the expansion of the range of topics here at Aisle C. (Not that it matters to the one person who occasionally reads this blog.) Be that as it may, the subject matter of Aisle C has expanded in scope. Not just the anomalous or the Fortean or the unusual. Not the curious, as in something strange or unusual; rather whatever it is that I want to know more about, investigate further or try to understand.  Not curious things. Things I am curious about. And, since I will probably be touching on politics a lot, let me say that no realm of human endeavor baffles me more than politics.

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I’ll see.


  1. Salvador Dali’s remains are being exhumed (for a paternity test regarding the claims of a fortune teller who says she’s his daughter). What are your thoughts about that?

    1. interesting. i had not heard about this. sounds like a very daliesque thing to happen.

      1. Yes! Especially the fortune teller part. It almost sounds like something he would write. (Or Max Ernst would write. Given the violence & goriness of some of Ernst’s writings).

        It’s very sad though. Especially as it is being done over money (inheritance). And also because he returned to Catholicism. (As w/ Jews & Orthodox Christians — Catholicism is against needless descecration of the body). I haven’t been able to find anything yet on the legal reasons behind the decision.

        Dali set me on a course of studying art (drawing & sculpture & printmaking inc. at SVA & Parsons) & goldsmithing (3 yrs at a state licensed atelier goldsmith school in NYC followed by several apprenticeships there) after I saw his pieces executed by the Italian goldsmith Verdura. It is *stellar* work — if you have not seen it. (The melting watches etc. executed in precious metals & gems).

        I just picked up a copy of the 1969 American version of The Jerusalem Bible which he illustrated. (I found a used copy for $5. but it has since been reprinted & is available in paperback online). I just read that by that point (1960s) Gala was signing him up for everything… to the horror of his former surrealist mates… & that is a bit evident from the illustrations!

        After seeing his Verdura pieces I made an attempt to meet him at the St.Regis (hotel where he lived in NYC & where my dad frequently stayed). I was fourteen. The receptionist told me “Mr.Dali is out to lunch.” (Perhaps she was simply giving her assessment of his mind?). I don’t know if he was in or not & she simply told everyone that. He loved young people though. (My sister’s fiance met him when he was in his early 20s & a NYC hairdresser. Recine is his name. He does sculptural ‘art’ hairdressing now… as well as fashion editorial. You would love some of it I think… given your site here. He — Dali — befriended Mia Farrow when she was around the same age as I was — so if he knew I wanted to meet him I probably could have). The weirdest part of the story is I’d been walking by w/ my young (30ish?) French teacher & some fellow students & asked her if she minded if I stopped in by myself to meet him & she said ‘Yes’ as if it was something really ordinary.

        I would have liked to have read more about the resistance to this exhumation. I think it is his foundation trying to prevent it. If it were to promote someone’s health or save a life or solve a crime I would not be against it — but this is such a terrible motive. It’s very sad.

  2. Sadly I can’t post here anymore. 😦

    I was curious as to why my avatar suddenly changed yesterday to the one I ONLY had on Abagond’s site. (& no other wordpress blog — even though I post very frequently on two others… a history blog & the Lebanese physician’s blog).

    I had a feeling that it had something to do w/ someone there linking to one of my comments from that thread. I went over there & I was right. That crazy person Solitaire linked to a comment. (& of course I made a typo which caused her to concoct a lying story round it!). She made several other posts about me also.

    It’s WEIRD Nomad. She is stalking me? She’s going to keep copying my posts over there & badmouthing me? WHO behaves like this? These people are insane! I have felt like I am surrounded by evil since getting involved w/ these people. They have no clue how depraved they are. Who would link to whole blog comments to badmouth someone they don’t even know — when I left that blog in the first place for being bullied there?

    1. “I was curious as to why my avatar suddenly changed yesterday to the one I ONLY had on Abagond’s site”

      that was me managing the blog. wordpress has several sets of commenters icons. i switched and then switched back when you said you didnt like yours. i believe they assign the same icon to the commenter regardless of which wp blog they visit. nothing nefarious going on there.

      1. I thought so (what you wrote) but it led me to look over there.

  3. So funny… I literally wrote the last comment at 6.25am almost in a sleep state. I picked up my phone — wrote that to answer you — then fell back asleep.

    Hobby Lobby got caught illegally purchasing stolen Iraqi ancient cuneiform tablets from someone in UAE. The boxes had faked shipping labels on them etc. They feigned innocence but have to pay a massive fine.

    They’re planning a Bible museum in DC… made up of more of our precious stolen objects most likely. I am going to tell Resw he can boycott that museum also! (Don’t think he reads this thread).

    I would be angry at these people (evangelicals) about this also: but I am too exhausted from being angry about almost every other clueless thing they say & do. (I was going to write a parenthetical list here but then had to delete it as it got too long). If they portray Jesus any whiter they’ll have to start using only glass & plexiglas as He’ll look clear (in their faux likenesses).

    I was reading my new (old) Dali illustrated bible I told you about — the Gospels which I’ve read before — and I was struck by how seriously irritated & angry He was at people (& not just in the moneylenders in the Temple incident — which is the only angry incident most people mention from the Gospels). People need to get in touch w/ their inner angry Christ (angry but nonviolent)… Christians I mean. Inc. fighting/boycotting (if it comes to that) a ‘Bible museum’ from Hobby Lobby.

  4. Look at the photos from Mosul!

    I don’t know how anyone survived…

  5. Probably you would like:

    Americans for Middle East Understanding


    The newsletter is called ‘The Link’ (began as paper — hence called “newsletter” still — but is online now at their website).

    It’s founder is not Arab American hence the name “Middle East” which we never use to refer to ourselves… & which I loathe… (The term was invented by Americans in the oil industry — Aramco etc. — to replace the earlier colonial term Near East & the even older term Orient. I don’t mind the latter two as much; but where is the “middle”. It was supposed to make clear that one was not referring to the Levant/Near East such as Lebanon etc. but now nobody says Near East so it’s used for everything inc. Iran/Persia; which causes people to think Arab & Persian cultures & languages are the same. And now people say people ‘look Middle Eastern’; which is of course meaningless… Sorry for the digression!).

    I think you’ll find some of the articles in ‘The Link’ really interesting. The whole past archive is online at the website also & I’m sure you’ll find a LOT of articles there you’ll want to read.

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  7. Puzzled by lack of “follow this blog” option?

    1. thank you. i never thought about that.

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