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Chemtrail season +typical chemtrail day +

Looks like it’s chemtrail season again. Not that they ever really stop spraying. It’s just that most of the time, as far as I can tell, it’s light. But during the seasonal change, from warm to cold and visa versa, the chemtrailing is heavier. And they like to spray heavily ahead of storm fronts, like […]

Chemtrails all day long today +more low flying C-17’s +update

Moderately heavy chemtrails all day long today. Check out this one. It was a single line when I observed it being laid. Five minutes later the trails seem to be separating  into two or three streams, possibly indicating that the trail emerged from several points on the plane, presumably the engines. 7:00 PM. 7:45 PM. […]

Chemtrails are back +Heavy spraying this morning. lighter the rest of the day

Nothing subtle or stealthy about the chemtrails this morning. 8:00 AM. Trump must have signaled he’s cool with it. 10:00 PM. It was pretty much like this all day . Well, not as much. Half as many at any given moment  throughout the rest of the day. Heavy spraying this morning. lighter the rest of […]

Eclipse Day

Just keeping an eye out for anything strange today. I don’t know if this is unusual or not. For the first time in many weeks I saw two thick long form chemtrails this morning, seven or eightish AM. This could be typical. Just because I haven’t seen chemtrails doesn’t mean they haven’t been present. Just […]

What’s up with the C-17’s? +Why are they flying so low and circling the city?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a chemwatch post. Thankfully there really has not been that much to report lately. This year the chemtrails have been relatively few. I cannot help but wonder if the election of Trump perhaps indirectly had something to do with that. I would be utterly shocked if he […]

Low flying jumbo jets

They are clearly not heading to an airport

Well, this is not unusual. Or is it. In traffic driving north, the airport is a few miles southeast of my position. I saw a rather low flying plane. Four engine, wide body, rear stabilizers mounted atop the tail. I can’t be certain, I was driving in hectic traffic, but it could have been a […]