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Low flying jumbo jets

They are clearly not heading to an airport

Well, this is not unusual. Or is it. In traffic driving north, the airport is a few miles southeast of my position. I saw a rather low flying plane. Four engine, wide body, rear stabilizers mounted atop the tail. I can’t be certain, I was driving in hectic traffic, but it could have been a […]


Amid the chemtrail residue I saw, on September 27 of last year, something strange. It could have been some kind of optical illusion. It would have to have been. There is no other plausible explanation. Yet I saw it. Stared back at it several times to make sure that I saw what I saw. A […]

leery of tankers +

Now this is interesting. I saw a low flying C-17 around 12:30 PM. Hard to estimate the altitude. A few thousand feet, in the vicinity of the municipal airport about 5 miles away. Odd. It was flying low as if having just taken off, yet it was going north, the opposite direction of normal takeoffs.  […]

Chemtrail spray patterns +more proof of spraying +cirrious clouds

2/13/17 Back to that old familiar pattern. Extensive chemtrailing this morning. Ceasing by noon, except for what I call touch up trails. The sky is amazingly clear, after this morning’s bombardment. Some light clouds on the horizons, but of course the sky is pale. Apparently the morning trails serve to  lay a film of particulates […]

Today I saw two curious sights +extensive chemtrailing +trails of different color +that old familiar pattern

2/7/17 So, there has been moderate to heavy chemtrail spray the past couple of weeks. The classic crisscross pattern reappeared, after what seems like months of sporadic light spraying. Granted, I have not been paying close attention, but I had seen very little chemtrailing until recent weeks. Moderately heavy chemtrail days were alternated with overcast […]

Planes leaving no trails

Again, proof that the trail-leaving aircraft are spraying. The sky today  is overall covered by a hazy film, the residue of earlier sprayings floating aloft. The chemtrails in recent weeks have not been particularly prevalent but I did notice that a familiar pattern  had begun to emerge; moderate spraying in the early morning  congealing into […]