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News Wars

Not natural

Yesterday morning the sky was covered with a thin streaky layer of clouds. It thickened into the afternoon with light rain. I watched several planes, airliner types, skirting underneath. I saw one plane take a circular path, something I have never observed before. Probably not significant, but still, not a typical flight pattern for this part of […]

“BEST CHEMTRAIL evidence?”

  This video slowed to 1/4 real-time speed – zoom & contrast filters. This video reveals much more when played in slow motion. Thanks for allowing me to edit your footage OutbackAL. I hope you and others see what I see. Great footage either way. *object @ 0:20 *object @ 1:54 *object @ 2:28 *object […]

I’ll See

What the hell. I’m back. Out walking this morning. For the first time in at least a week I saw identifiable linear chemtrails. They eventually melted into the pale sky, as decomposing cumulus clouds rolled through. May 29, 2012Categories: Chemwatch White skies, bright sun. Just like yesterday. Again, no identifiable chemtrails. 12:00 AM.  May 27, 2012Categories: Chemwatch […]

Perfect Chemtrail Spray

Massive fumigation

Filtered sunlight today. The sun was bright but the sky was white. Covered by a thin veil of aerosol mist. Get what I’m saying? Massive fumigation. We should be outra… Oh, forget it.

Brave New World Order

NWO: Web of Social Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Aaron Dykes covers the latest sci-tech news on Infowars Nightly News.

The skies were very picturesque

The skies were very picturesque yesterday.  A beautiful shade of cerulean blue with numerous cumulus clouds floating amidst bands of gossamer mist. Today was similar, but not as pretty. The gossamer mist was more expansive making the contrast of cumulus clouds against today’s pale blue background less dramatic. And, as always, gossamer mists -linear, swirling- […]

The 1966 A Graña UFO was a UAV from the USA

Spain: The 1966 A Graña UFO was a UAV By Scott Corrales A number of Spanish news outlets reported on May 9, 2012 the interesting story involving a UFO supposedly recovered by the Spanish Navy at El Ferrol (on the Northwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula) in 1966 was actually a NASA unmanned aerial vehicle […]

Don’t want this toxic stuff to touch my skin

Completely overcast today, with light rain. Don’t want this toxic stuff to touch my skin.