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News Wars

Not natural

Yesterday morning the sky was covered with a thin streaky layer of clouds. It thickened into the afternoon with light rain. I watched several planes, airliner types, skirting underneath. I saw one plane take a circular path, something I have never observed before. Probably not significant, but still, not a typical flight pattern for this part of […]

“BEST CHEMTRAIL evidence?”

  This video slowed to 1/4 real-time speed – zoom & contrast filters. This video reveals much more when played in slow motion. Thanks for allowing me to edit your footage OutbackAL. I hope you and others see what I see. Great footage either way. *object @ 0:20 *object @ 1:54 *object @ 2:28 *object […]

I’ll See

What the hell. I’m back. Out walking this morning. For the first time in at least a week I saw identifiable linear chemtrails. They eventually melted into the pale sky, as decomposing cumulus clouds rolled through. May 29, 2012Categories: Chemwatch White skies, bright sun. Just like yesterday. Again, no identifiable chemtrails. 12:00 AM.  May 27, 2012Categories: Chemwatch […]

Perfect Chemtrail Spray

Massive fumigation

Filtered sunlight today. The sun was bright but the sky was white. Covered by a thin veil of aerosol mist. Get what I’m saying? Massive fumigation. We should be outra… Oh, forget it.

Brave New World Order

NWO: Web of Social Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Aaron Dykes covers the latest sci-tech news on Infowars Nightly News.