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A Diabolical Plan: It Was Never About Ukraine

Ted Snider In his March 21 press briefing, State Department spokesman Ned Price told the gathered reporters that “President Zelenskyy has also made it very clear that he is open to a diplomatic solution that does not compromise the core principles at the heart of the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.” A reporter asked Price, […] […]

Deposition of a Monster

The transcript is not yet available and no reporters were allowed. But from the Attorneys General who brought the suit, the plaintiffs in the case and their attorney, and other parties to the lawsuit against the Biden administration, we have some information about the deposition provided by Anthony “I am the Science” Fauci. […] …we […]

Covid Roundup —

Covid Roundup Paul Craig Roberts Dear Readers,  I have presented you with enough information over the last couple of years for you to have learned that the Covid virus was not the threat it was presented to be and that the “vaccine” was neither effective nor safe.  The Covid virus did not come from a bat cave […]

The War in Ukraine Paves the Way for the Great Khazaria –Chabad Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Bill Gates Tells World Leaders ‘Death Panels’ Will Soon Be Required

Listen to These Grinning Ghouls Say the Quiet Parts Out Loud Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite.

Back in the USSR

What more evidence do we need that liberty in the Western World is stone dead?  The entire Western World faces life in a tyranny that is far worse than anything the Soviet people experienced.  Moreover, the tyranny is rapidly closing us in.  We are at the point where doctors who should be protecting our health are […]

Lockdown Policies Are Alive And Well In The Globalist Assault Playbook — Technocracy News

The Technocrat cabal are maneuvering to institutionalize lockdown as an effective tool of social engineering, bringing tyranny and totalitarianism to a new level. Those who fought (and won) against pandemic lockdowns have no cause to gloat or rest. Would-be global conquerers will send in waves of tyranny until there is no avenue of escape or… Lockdown […]


Gary Jordan@garyjordan writes- COVID-19  was no ‘lab-leak’ and certainly wasn’t a deadly virus. Instead it was an imaginary crisis created by the central bankers out of necessity to keep their Ponzi scheme running.Two great articles I read today go into this in great detail: who was it that first came up with the idea of ‘unprecedented… GARY […]

The Greatest [Most Disgusting] Lie Ever Told

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News We have spent considerable time exposing the criminals who pushed the experimental COVID shots onto the public, and the millions who are now crippled or dead. But let’s not forget how we got to that point in the first place, and the multitudes who died needlessly before there even was […]

The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried — Brownstone Institute

A series of revealing texts and tweets by Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced CEO of FTX, the once high-flying but now belly-up crypto exchange, had the following to say about his image as a do-gooder: it is a “dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.” … […]