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Pale sky +Overcast

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Moderate temperatures compared to the preceding days. The sky was blue though pale with numerous enormous cumulus clouds all over. And I didn’t even see that milky mist that usually accompany them; the mists the likely residue of sprayed aerosols. Quite remarkable in the context of what has become […]

Obama’s approval rating grows following memorable week

Obama’s numbers themselves reflect the nation’s sharp divides along racial lines. While 91% of African-Americans say they approve of Obama’s handling of the presidency, just 39% of whites do, a 52-point gap. Obama’s approval rating among whites hasn’t been above 50% since 2009, while his approval rating among African-Americans has rarely dipped below 80%.

Bill Clinton’s dark legacy As we were saying. . . . The Review has been one of the few progressive journals willing to report on how conservative Bill Clinton actually was, the furthest to the right since at least Woodrow Wilson. So we’re glad to see Alternet catch up with the facts. Alternet  Prison-loving president. In May, on […]

Why Obama is a Race Traitor

The President Did Little for Black People When They Needed Him the Most by THOMAS RUFFIN, Jr. Recently, I suggested to my colleagues in the National Conference of Black Lawyers that, as president of the United States, President Barack Obama proved to be a hypocrite and a “lowlife, handkerchief head politician”.  When I characterized President […]

The Nitwits Are in Charge

Exclusive: Pundit Thomas Friedman laments that the new Cold War isn’t funny enough for him, but there really isn’t anything funny about the U.S. plunging into an unnecessary nuclear showdown with Russia over Ukraine while Friedman and his fellow VIPs misreport what’s happening, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry Sometimes I wonder if today’s crop of U.S. pundits and […]

QOTD: “Medicare-for-all”

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders isn’t satisfied with the Supreme Court’s affirmation last week of President Barack Obama’s health care law. Instead, the Democratic presidential hopeful said on Sunday he wants the United States to adopt a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer health care plan. “We need to join the rest of the industrialized world,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This […]

Obama’s “Amazing Grace” Lullaby Just Sang Negroes Back to Sleep

by Yvette Carnell Last week a racist degenerate named Dylann Roof walked into  Emanuel AME church and blew away nine black members. After a manhunt that spanned two states, Roof was apprehended, but not before being taken to Burger King for a sumptuous snack. Roof’s expression of racial hatred was not a first. Fact is, […]

QOTD: Obamacare

How to talk about Obamacare Like other media, we have made the mistake of describing the subsidies in Obamacare as going to citizens. In fact, what are truly being subsidized are huge health insurance corporations. Citizens are merely the facilitators of a subsidies  to an industry that provides no real healthcare service at all. In […]

“Anonymous” Covers Climate Engineering Threat

QOTD: Corporate Confederacy

America’s major corporations are now the Second Confederacy Congress and the White House have joined in what history may consider the most disloyal political act since southern succession: making it possible for foreign tribunals to override the American constitution as well as state and local laws. Essentially our major corporations have become a Second Confederacy. […]